Analysis of the causes of the decline of the new station

site, talk about the Shanghai dragon website ranking is also such. Ranking in the last week of Shanghai dragon blog and Shanghai Dragon technology is, in the "bucket elevator" keywords decreased after one day.

first, every site has a primary right

In addition to this

many people have encountered such a thing, a new ranking is very OK at a time, but after a period of time after a sudden drop in rankings, even down to 20 outside. What is the reason? Even more strange is that some stations did not cheat ranking also is such, we now cause analysis.

is the primary right love Shanghai to give new ranking advantage, about the time in less than a week. For the previous optimization do very good site, so in this one week ranking will be very good, and some will be ranked in the top 20, some will be ranked in the home. This situation is very few, and most of them appear in the long tail keywords. We all know that the new credit is three months, in three months time can be ranked very good. Love Shanghai for the inside pages of the assessment is 2-4 weeks, that is to say the home page included 2-4 weeks after included in the page. Some sites of long tail keywords in 2-4 weeks and included in the page page ranking on the home page, but a few days later and no ranking. A primary right of this situation is the love of Shanghai gives the site, after the time no ranking does not mean that the site is down right. But now some rankings are not your own optimization here, so don’t care about Taiwan Railway Station suddenly appeared good rankings. The inside pages of the examination period of the long tail keywords ranking will come up, the inside pages of the assessment period how long? A new assessment period is three months, or three months later may appear long tail keywords ranking, then update cycle plus page within 2-4 weeks, so again, ranking up may be 3-4 months later.

second, the main keywords assessment

as we mentioned before the bucket elevator website, in three months the "bucket elevator" the key to the first, we use the features of this case which will lead to a large number of users to search click on the website to study and optimize the structure of the station in the classroom. Every day so many user clicks resulted in a period of time inside the word search index rose from more than 110 to more than 150, this result led directly to enter the website traffic inside the industry is far greater than other site traffic. This abnormal love Shanghai will put the keywords ranking down to 20, because 20 is less than click ranking. You can see the other keywords of this website ranking is not change, just change the keywords ranking.

new birth right is floating on the site on the line after 1-2 months in the above website long tail keywords ranking, in addition to the main keywords of the long tail word for assessment of love Shanghai has a large number of users ranked very OK will examine.

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