Google website ranking algorithm against the rankings human behavior

Andrew · Strauss (Andrew Strauss) operates a pet shop site, he said, Google website ranking algorithm to adjust, make your site is injured. Strauss said that about 70% of the flow past site from Google search results. These users often search for "dog bed", "dog clothes" vocabulary. But after adjustment on Google algorithm in the end of the month, Strauss’s website didn’t appear in the Google ranking, at least, most people will no longer be found in Strauss’s website.

in addition, Strauss also joined the EzineArticles贵族宝贝 site and Squidoo贵族宝贝 site Links, but that he will not suffer punishment. He said, "this is just a routine marketing activities."

search ranking algorithm, but said the company does not encourage paid links and low quality links. Google said that the recent website ranking algorithm is a new algorithm to adjust, "Penguin" (Penguin), will enhance the user experience, and will not punish enterprises comply with Google guidelines.


Engineer Matt · Katz (Matt Cutts) said, "enterprise algorithm was designed to reduce the network garbage, because there are some websites through deception or manipulation of the search engine, to get higher rankings." Google does not want to rely on the website "keyword fill" and get paid sitelinks means artificially enhance the website ranking. Google is currently about 500 times a year to improve the search algorithm. Katz said that the penguin only affects 3.1% of the US search results.

Beijing on May 17th news, according to foreign media reports, Google recently on the search engine website ranking algorithm was re adjusted, a move aimed at combating artificially enhance the website ranking behavior. But some small business owners have complained that they are trying to avoid being hit Google.

Springfield Ralph · Slater (Ralph Slate) said that Google algorithm adjustment is also to their website ranking has great influence. In the past, when users search for ice hockey, ice hockey player Slater Hoc> database

Strauss said that traffic from Google is reduced by about 96%, which leads to the site of the monthly revenue of only $25 thousand, far less than the $68 thousand in February this year. He said, "we have been completely devastated." Strauss believes that his pet shop website ranking suddenly fell sharply, and he had to pay for hundreds of station links. In 2011 after the adjustment of Google search algorithm, web traffic Strauss would therefore fall more than 50%. But Strauss said, because this method does not bring real traffic, he has abandoned the practice.

Google declined to disclose the details of the

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