Virgin Auction

first_imgA Chilean student is auctioning off her virginity to pay for her last two years on a Modern Languages course. The 21-year old, who wished to remain anonymous, said “I will provide a certificate signed by a doctor to prove that I am a virgin. No man has ever touched me.” The auction is being conducted by Radio CRC, and the bidding started yesterday at £350 – with the opening bid coming from a member of her college’s teaching staff. The college had no comment on this particular aspect of tutor-student relations.ARCHIVE: 4th week TT 2003last_img read more

Press release: Licence Conditions and how the Parole Board use them

first_img Victims who qualify for the National Probation Service (NPS) statutory Victim Contact Scheme have the right to make representations about licence conditions that relate to them. They must be informed about relevant conditions that are included in the offender’s licence. This is a statutory right, detailed in section 35 of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004 (2004 Act). Prison Service Instructions 12/2015: LICENCE CONDITIONS, LICENCES AND LICENCE AND SUPERVISION NOTICES In cases where the victim does not qualify for statutory contact, but where NPS has used discretion to provide them with the Scheme, the victim receives largely the same level of service as those with a statutory entitlement, and will be able to make representations about licence conditions. However, not all victims provided with the Scheme on a discretionary basis will be eligible to make a Victim Personal StatementWhere the Parole Board has not agreed to licence conditions requested by a victim, or issued an amended version of the request, the Parole Board will explain why it has not done so in its decision. This should include reference to the principles of the request being necessary and proportionate.This information will be passed on to the victim by their Victim Liaison Officer. This is a requirement set out in the Code of Practice.Application to vary a Licence ConditionCommunity Offender Managers (COM) within the NPS can apply to the Parole Board to vary or add conditions to the licence of an offender once a release decision has been made.Victims can request to vary or add licence conditions. Any request will be via their VLO for those in the Victim Contact Scheme. The VLO will then pass it on to the COM to make the request.Offenders can request for their licence to be varied or for conditions to be removed but must do so through their COM. COMs will initially consider such requests and decide whether the condition (or variation) is necessary to manage the offender’s risk.All variation requests will be considered by the COM and then sent to the Public Protection Casework Section (PPCS) to submit to the Parole Board on behalf of the Secretary of State.What will be considered in a licence variation request:The Parole Board member who chaired the case (either as a Paper Hearing or Oral Hearing), or a Parole Board duty member, will make the decision on a licence variation request.To make this decision they will look at: The dossier for the offender (provided by PPCS); the Parole Board’s decision to release; a report from the Community Offender Manager (COM) setting out in detail why the request to vary or revoke conditions has been submitted. What are licence conditions?Licence conditions are the set of rules prisoners must follow if they are released from prison but still have a part of their sentence to serve in the community.The aim of a period on licence is to protect the public, to prevent re-offending, and to secure the successful reintegration of the individual back into the community. They are not a form of punishment and must be proportionate, reasonable and necessary.If a prisoner is released by the Parole Board, the licence conditions will be suggested proposed by the Community Offender Manager (COM) but will be agreed by the Parole Board. In some cases, the final decision will be for the Secretary of State to make.Victims and Licence Conditions The basic rule is to ensure that the requested changes are necessary and proportionate and do not result in any increase of risk to the public. They should also be manageable.There will need to be sufficient evidence that risk can be effectively managed if the licence condition is varied or removed and the Parole Board Panel can ask for more information if necessary. A decision on the licence variation request will then be sent to all parties.Standard Licence ConditionsEvery release decision will contain a standard set of licence conditions, which are as follows: These additional licence conditions need to be specifically asked for by the COM and the Parole Board will decide whether they are necessary and proportionate.Recall of Prisoners on LicenceAn offender can have their licence revoked and be recalled to custody at any time during their licence period.Where the National Probation Service (NPS) considers an offender has breached the conditions of their licence, the offender’s behaviour indicates that they present an increased or unmanageable risk of serious harm (RoSH ) to the public, or there is an imminent risk of further offences being committed, the NPS will request that the offender be recalled.When considering the recall of offenders subject to an indeterminate or extended determinate sentence licence, the NPS must demonstrate a “causal link” in the current behaviour that was exhibited at the time of the index offence.One of the following criteria must be met when assessing whether to request the recall of these offenders:i. Exhibits behaviour similar to behaviour surrounding the circumstances of the index offence;ii. Exhibits behaviour likely to give rise (or does give rise) to a sexual or violent offence;iii. Exhibits behaviour associated with the commission of a sexual or violent offence; oriv. Is out of touch with the COM and the assumption can be made that any of (i) to (iii) may arise.It is the PPCS acting on behalf of the Secretary of State, that will make the final decision about recall. The Parole Board is not involved in the recall of an offender.However, the Parole Board will be asked to consider the re-release of all indeterminate sentence recalled prisoners, and determinate sentence recalled prisoners that have not been re-released automatically, or through Executive Powers, by the Secretary of State.Termination of Licence for an Offender serving an Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) or Detention for Public Protection (DPP) sentenceAn offender sentenced to Imprisonment for Public Protection (IPP) or Detention for Public Protection (DPP) has the right, under section 31A of the Crime (Sentences) Act 1997 to apply for consideration to be given to terminating their licence 10 years after their initial release, regardless of whether they have subsequently been recalled and re-released.It is only the Parole Board that can terminate an IPP or DPP licence. Rule 31 of the Parole Board Rules 2019 deals explicitly with termination of these licences.Any applications for termination of an IPP or DPP licence should be made by the offender themselves, either to the Parole Board directly, or via their Community Offender Manager (COM).To apply directly to the Parole Board, an offender can send an email to [email protected] asking us to commence an IPP licence termination review and provide their name and prison number.It should be noted that the quickest way to apply for the licence termination is via the COM, however if the offender wishes to make a request directly to the Board then do so through the above email address.Where an application is received by the Parole Board directly from the offender the Parole Board will notify PPCS via a standard direction and provide a copy of the application and the offender’s contact details. PPCS will then notify the COM, who will prepare a report to add to the dossier of information that the Parole Board will need in order to consider the application.When the Parole Board receives the dossier of information it will carry out a risk assessment to establish if the licence can be terminated or if it is still required to protect the public. The Parole Board can make one of the following decisions:(a) terminate the offender’s licence (b) amend the offender’s licence (c) refuse the applicationOnce an IPP or DPP licence has been terminated, the offender will not be subject to recall on that licence, and unlike the suspension of supervision (which is a separate process), all of the licence conditions related to that licence are terminated and may not be re-imposed.If a request is refused a further application can be made after 12 months.More detailed informationFor more detailed information on licence conditions and licences, here are some useful links:HMPPS Generic Parole Process Policy Framework 27 January 2020 residence at a specified place; restriction of residency; making or maintaining contact with a person; participation in, or co-operation with, a programme or set of activities; possession, ownership, control or inspection of specified items or documents; disclosure of information; curfew arrangement; freedom of movement; supervision in the community by the supervising officer, or other responsible officer, or organisation. An offender must:(a) be of good behaviour and not behave in a way which undermines the purpose of the licence period;(b) not commit any offence;(c) keep in touch with the supervising officer in accordance with instructions given by the supervising officer;(d) receive visits from the supervising officer in accordance with instructions given by the supervising officer;(e) reside permanently at an address approved by the supervising officer and obtain the prior permission of the supervising officer for any stay of one or more nights at a different address;(f) not undertake work, or a particular type of work, unless it is approved by the supervising officer and notify the supervising officer in advance of any proposal to undertake work or a particular type of work;(g) not travel outside the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man except with the prior permission of your supervising officer or for the purposes of immigration deportation or removal.The Supervising Officer is the Community Offender Manager (COM). Additional Licence ConditionsLicences may also include additional conditions, for example, exclusion zones or non-contact restrictions.These additional licence conditions come under the following categories: Managing parole eligible offenders on licence policy framework 11 November 2020last_img read more

Pret helps apprenticeship scheme

first_imgPret A Manger has agreed to take on 12 new apprentices as part of a London-based campaign to tackle youth unemployment in the capital.The food-to-go firm will train the new recruits in both food preparation and customer service areas of the business, as part of the Ladder for London campaign, organised by the London Evening Standard newspaper.Clive Schlee, chief executive at Pret A Manger, told The Standard: “These young people are the bedrock of Pret and of the country’s future. Pret A Manger has been helping to tackle youth unemployment through our homeless apprenticeship scheme since 2008, with a healthy retention rate of 79%.”Pret A Manger has said it will be paying its apprentices £7.25 per hour, as well as completing further training one day a week at youth employment charity City Gateway towards an advanced NVQ qualification.The firm will also be giving the 12 recruits £100-worth of vouchers towards work clothes, a monthly travel card and free lunch. Pret has also pledged it will offer the youngsters a permanent position at the company after three months of employment.The Standard’s Ladder for London campaign was launched last month to help unemployed young adults into work through paid apprenticeships.last_img read more

SCI’s Kyle Hollingsworth Shares Heartwarming ‘Get Well Soon’ Video To Gregg Allman

first_imgLast week, Gregg Allman cancelled a batch of tour dates due to “serious health issues.” Among those many tour dates was two scheduled performances at the Peach Music Festival, where Allman was set to perform with both his own band and with The String Cheese Incident. Dubbed “The Gregg Allman Incident,” the set was meant to be a collaboration between the legendary Allman Brothers Band leader and the premier jam group.Though the set will no longer be happening, SCI had still been working up some of Allman’s biggest tunes in preparation. With that in mind, the band’s keyboardist Kyle Hollingsworth recorded a public message of appreciation for Gregg Allman, as the two would both have played keys for the Gregg Allman Incident. Hollingsworth not only wishes Allman the best, but breaks down the songwriting behind one of his biggest songs, “Melissa.”Watch the heartfelt note from one keyboardist to another, below.last_img read more

Female architect association hosts conference

first_imgNotre Dame alumnae gathered in Bond Hall to celebrate 40 years of coeducation at the School of Architecture on April 5 and 6.  The alumnae were invited by the Student Association for Women in Architecture (SAWA), which hosted “Beyond the Drafting Board: 40 Years of Women in Architecture at Notre Dame,” a conference showcasing the achievements of female architecture graduates.  Fifth-year architecture students Kaitlin Veenstra, SAWA president, and Rebekah Wierson, SAWA vice president, organized the conference under the guidance of professor Aimee Buccellato, Veenstra said.  The conference was open to students, faculty and guests, featuring five speakers who reflected on their experiences at the School of Architecture and recounted their contributions to the field, Veenstra said.  “We wanted women from different decades to speak at the conference,” said Veenstra.  Martha Lampkin Wellborne, a 1975 Notre Dame graduate and executive director of Countywide Planning, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority delivered the keynote address, Wierson said.  “Wellborne and only one other student were the first female graduates of the School of Architecture,” said Wierson. Wellborne’s work has included both individual building designs as well as large-scale projects, Wierson said. She said Wellborne is credited with the Los Angeles surface transit project, which led to the creation of the countywide Metro Rapid bus system.  Another prominent guest speakers was Melissa del Vecchio a 1994 graduate and the principal architect of Notre Dame’s Stayer Center for Executive Education, Veenstra said.  The speakers engaged in a career panel discussion April 5, Wierson said. She said the roundtable discussion provided setting for architecture students and professionals to interact with one another.  “It was a great opportunity for female architecture students to network and learn how to build their careers,” said Wierson.  Veenstra said the purpose of the discussion was to help students find the right places for them in the architecture profession.  “The purpose of the panel discussion and the conference in general was to provide students with advice on how to find their niche in architecture,” Veenstra said. Wierson said the main focus of the conference was the experiences of the alumnae speakers. “The goal was for the speakers to talk about their journeys. They just followed what they love to do,” said Wierson.  Both Veenstra and Wierson said they hope the success of the conference will lead to increased student involvement in SAWA.  “The conference was a good way to catapult the club into the future,” said Wierson. According to the club’s website, SAWA was founded in 2007 by students Mollie Ponto and Danielle Potts through a grant from the Beverly Willis foundation. The club was created to promote the presence of women, gender equality and diversity in both the design and construction industries, according to the website. SAWA hosts lectures, sponsors professional development workshops and fosters inter-class mentoring relationships between students, Veenstra said. She said the club is open to all students, regardless of gender or major.  “The club is not exclusive to women,” Veenstra said. “It’s used to talk about issues that professionals face in balancing career-building and family life. We invite anyone to join.”last_img read more

College Democrats to host sexual assault survivors advocate

first_imgJust over a week after Amy Ziering, documentarian and producer of “The Hunting Ground,” spoke at the University, the Notre Dame College Democrats will host Kamilah Willingham, a lawyer and author whose story is featured in Ziering’s film, Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. in DeBartolo Hall.Willingham’s lecture, entitled “Courage Through Controversy: Standing Up to Rape Culture,” comes in the wake of the University releasing the results of the 2016 Campus Climate Survey results on March 29. The results revealed that 5 percent of female respondents and 1 percent of male respondents reported experiencing non-consensual sexual intercourse while a student at Notre Dame.Senior Grace Watkins, co-president of the College Democrats, said while the fact that bringing two people involved with “The Hunting Ground” to campus was a coincidence, the group invited Watkins with the goal of addressing sexual assault on campus was a timely event in light of the survey results.“I sit on [the Committee for Sexual Assault Prevention], so I knew that the results were coming out, and I knew that April 12 was Denim Day, as well, so that was part of the decision for scheduling it then,” she said. “My personal background is in sexual assault advocacy, so I knew about Kamilah’s work for a long time before and really respected her, and admired her.”After opening up about surviving sexual assault while she was a student at Harvard Law School and the counterproductive manner in which Harvard handled her case in “The Hunting Ground,” Willingham also co-organized the #JustSaySorry campaign on social media. The campaign brings together survivors of campus sexual assault and their allies “in demanding apologies from the schools that failed them,” according to Willingham’s website.Her courage in sharing her story, as well as her work following the release of “The Hunting Ground,” Watkins said, has made Willingham a prominent figure in combating sexual assault on campus.“I think her story is really important to hear,” she said. “She’s also brilliant and has a lot of ideas about how sexual assault advocacy should be moving forward.”Watkins said the College Democrats’ decision to host Willingham was not a partisan decision, but was prompted by various instances throughout the 2016 presidential election.“In terms of the decision for bringing her as the College Democrats speaker — given what’s she’s talking about isn’t a partisan issue, it was just kind of the language we’ve seen — it was a response to the language we’ve seen about women from the Republican party during the election season,” she said.This rhetoric, Watkins said, contributed to the rape culture that is prevalent in today’s society, something Willingham is working to shine a light on.“[I hope students] just [learn] what rape culture is — because it’s a working definition — and realizing that it’s not partisan,” she said. “It’s something that we should be using to explain why sexual assault is so prevalent on our campus and off, and what kind of conditions lead to that kind of sexual violence being possible.”Tags: Notre Dame College Democrats, sexual assault awareness, The Hunting Groundlast_img read more

Trail Mix – The Last Bison

first_imgIt isn’t often that I break out the My Town edition for the Trail Mix blog and have my respondent cover most of the eastern half of Virginia.But, seriously, I am not complaining.Ben Hardesty, of The Last Bison, hails from the Tidewater area of Virginia but now calls Charlottesville home. When I called on him to about some of his hometown’s best destinations for food, spirits, and music, I didn’t realize he had moved on from Hampton Roads. But Ben was kind to expand the radius, so to speak, and highlight hot spots from all over the Commonwealth.Ben and his mates in The Last Bison, Andrew Benfante and Amos Housworth, have been churning out melodic, atmospheric folk rock for most of the last decade. The band released their newest record, SÜDA, last week, and this month Trail Mix features “Cold Night,” a track Hardesty notes is rooted in the recollection of a fractured memory.“We all have memories of experiences that deeply affected the way we individually view the world and the people around us. As we grow older, many of the details of those memories begin to fade. For me, often times I don’t realize how significant those moments were until trying to recall them years later. This song is an internal dialogue about that process. It’s about me sitting by the fire on a cold night, trying to connect the dots and fill in the missing details of a distant memory, one that seemingly changed my perception, a memory that I’m just far enough removed from that I can’t put every piece of it together.”Planning a trip to Eastern Virginia? Already here and call it home? You’d be smart to check out some of the local favorites listed below by Ben as he dishes on a couple of his hometowns.BRO – Favorite brewery/distillery?BH –  There’s a lot of good beer in Virginia, but I’m going to shout out a couple breweries from where I grew up in Hampton Roads. I am a fan of Big Ugly Brewery and Smartmouth Brewing Company. When it comes to spirits, A. Smith Bowman Distillery, in Spotsylvania, is my favorite.BRO – Best place to catch a post-show libation?BH – Catching a drink after a show is a great way to wind down, especially when there are friends at the show. I’ll give a few. In Norfolk, we always hit up Public House. In Charlottesville, where I currently live, we love to get a good cocktail at Brasserie Saison. They make my favorite Negroni in town.BRO – Something an out-of-towner should see on a visit?BH – Here in Charlottesville, one of my favorite things is our food/drink scene. We have some awesome restaurants, bars, and breweries. If you’ve just gone for a good hike and make your way into town, I suggest taking a stop at Kardinal Hall for a German beer and sausage. A walk up and down the Downtown Mall is amazing. Jefferson’s Monticello is also worth a visit, or if you’re here in the summer, go to King Family Vineyards for wine and polo.BRO – Favorite locally owned restaurant?BH – This depends on what you are in the mood for. I’ll keep it local to Charlottesville. If you want pizza, definitely check out Lampo. For a good burger, hit up Citizen Burger on the Downtown Mall. Lastly, if you want something a little fancier, C&O is absolutely incredible.BRO – Best place to hear live music?BH – Virginia has a wealth of great venues. The Norva in Norfolk, The National in Richmond, and The Jefferson Theater in Charlottesville are great spots to see prominent acts. When it comes to more intimate venues, I love going to The Southern in Charlottesville, Jammin Java in Vienna, or The Camel in Richmond.BRO – Some local bands our readers should know about?BH – Definitely want to plug some of my friends that are in great bands right here in Virginia:  Super Doppler, Bonne Chere, Lowland Hum, and David Wax Museum. Just like Virginia has so many great venues, it also has countless amazing bands.BRO – Favorite shop to hunt for vinyl?BH – If you’re in Charlottesville, definitely hit up Sidetracks or Melody Supreme Vinyl Records. If you’re in Hampton Roads, check out Skinnies in Norfolk or Birdland Records in Virginia Beach.BRO – Favorite memory while playing a hometown show?BH – The first time we ever headlined our hometown venue, The Norva, I remember being nervous, because the room is large and we were a small local band. I will always remember the overwhelming turnout. To know that your town supports what you are doing is huge for a band. Over 1,300 people showed up and they sang the words to every song. I will never forget it.Goodness. Food, beer, and music fans take heed. Ben has laid out a roadmap of great places to visit in Eastern Virginia. Take a chance on one, two, or all of those places if you find yourself in Charlottesville, Richmond, or Hampton Roads.The Last Bison will be in Charlotte next weekend, October 6th, before hitting the road again in late November. For more information on tour dates or how to get your hands on the new record, surf over to the band’s website.And be sure to take a listen to “Cold Night,” along with brand new tunes from Robert Walter’s 20th Congress, Thomas Cassell, and Malcolm Holcombe on this month’s Trail Mix.last_img read more

3 tips on how to manage someone older than you

first_imgThe millennial workforce is typically described one of two ways. They are either characterized as a segment of job-hoppers who lack motivation, or as entitled and unappreciative “brats.” In most cases, these stereotypes couldn’t be farther from the truth. In fact, many in this generation are highly successful and garner professional accomplishments at a young age.In some organizations, millennials are hired into management positions; this can prove difficult for certain employees when their manager is younger. On the other hand, for the new millennial manager, it can be a challenge leading older employees who feel resentment toward them or who are understandably skeptical of the new leader’s abilities.If you’re a leader who’s found yourself managing employees older than yourself, here are three tips to effectively manage your workforce.Make connectionsGet to know each and every member of your team on an individual basis. Connect with them and demonstrate that you care about them and their job performance. Show that you are on their side and are there to help and support them. Giving them that confidence will encourage open communication and will help to foster positive rapport.Keep collaboratingIsolating yourself from your team will only lead to them feeling like they can’t approach you. Employees that are older than you have life and work experiences they can share to help everyone in the organization be successful, including you. Collaborate with them and encourage them to be creative. The more you communicate with them and work with them, the more useful and valued they will feel.Be the bossThe bottom line is you’re the boss and your employees need to treat you with respect. To garner the appreciation you expect and deserve, always carry yourself with confidence. Don’t underestimate yourself just because of your age. You’ve been placed in your position for a reason and your skills, work ethic, and talents will speak for themselves. 98SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Wendy Moody Wendy Moody is a Senior Editor with Wendy works with the editorial team to help edit the content including current news, press releases, jobs and events. She keeps … Web: Detailslast_img read more

QAnon Supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Headed to Congress

first_imgIf you just want results… There will be a results map on The Times’s home page, and yes, the infamous needle will be back — but only for Florida, Georgia and North Carolina, the only states providing granular enough information for our experts to make educated projections of uncounted votes.If you want constant updates… Times reporters are live-blogging all day and night. This will be your one-stop shop for minute-by-minute updates: race calls, on-the-ground reporting from swing states, news about any voting issues or disruptions, and more.If you want to check in every so often… Times journalists are also producing a live briefing from roughly 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. ET, with an overview of what’s happening in the presidential race, the Senate and House races, and the voting process itself. Elsewhere, Ron Weber, a West Point graduate and lawyer in Ohio who beat three other contenders in a primary and has shared QAnon hashtags and conspiracy theories on social media, lost his race on Tuesday. Election 2020 ›How to Follow the Election Results- Advertisement – Whatever objections others had seemed to melt away after Ms. Greene won the runoff in August. Representative Kevin McCarthy of California, the House minority leader, said she would be given committee assignments if elected. Senator Kelly Loeffler, who was appointed by the governor last December and is seeking a full term in a special election in Georgia, readily accepted Ms. Greene’s endorsement.Ms. Greene, for her part, has recently sought to distance herself from her most controversial views. Asked about QAnon in an interview with Fox News, she said she had chosen another path. She also tweeted that she had now accepted that the Pentagon had been hit by a hijacked plane on Sept. 11, 2001, not a missile. But it is Ms. Greene, the victorious candidate in Georgia, whose candidacy has exemplified the party’s difficulties in handling its QAnon problem. Now that she is headed to Congress, the party must decide what to do with her.“I think she will start off with a pretty short leash,” Mr. Buck said.- Advertisement –center_img Even so, he added, there is a fundamental problem: “There is no real establishment or party leadership in the way that there used to be,” and so “members of Congress have realized that there is an open playing field to be whoever you want if you can get attention for yourself.”Ms. Greene, who owns a construction company, has called QAnon “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to take this global cabal of Satan-worshiping pedophiles out.” She has also made derogatory remarks about Black people, Jews and Muslims.Nearly every elected Republican in Georgia’s 14th Congressional District, where Ms. Greene was running for an open House seat, lined up to oppose her after she trounced eight other candidates in the June primary and forced a runoff. But not everyone in the party was as unwelcoming. Mr. Trump posted a congratulatory tweet after Ms. Greene’s strong showing in June, and two of his highest-profile supporters backed her: Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio and Mark Meadows, the former congressman who is now the White House chief of staff.- Advertisement – Here’s a guide to The Times’s election night coverage, no matter when, how or how often you want to consume it. – Advertisement –last_img read more

Garmin Venu Sq, Venu Sq Music Edition Smartwatch With 6-Day Battery Life, Health Monitoring Features Launched in India

first_imgGarmin Venu Sq and Garmin Venu Sq Music Edition smartwatch has been launched in India. The Venu Sq series has over 20 inbuilt sports apps, health monitoring features including advanced sleep, and supports GPS. The smartwatch series have a battery life of up to six days in smartwatch mode and up to 14 hours in GPS mode. Venu Sq Music Edition comes with onboard music storage. The wearables were launched internationally in September and are now available in India as well.Garmin Venu Sq, Venu Sq Music Edition priceGarmin Venu Sq is priced at Rs. 21,090 in India, while the Garmin Venu Sq Music Edition is priced at Rs. 26,290. The smartwatches by Garmin are already available in the Garmin retail stores and will be available everywhere else, including e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Paytm Mall, and Tata CliQ soon. They will also be available in the following retail stores: Helios watch stores, Garmin stores, Just in Time, Lifestyle, Kamal Watch, and Malabar Watch.- Advertisement – Garmin Venu Sq Music Edition comes with onboard storage to save music tracks that you can directly listen to without using a paired phone. You can download songs and playlists on the smartwatch, including those from third-party services like Amazon Music and Spotify.The wearables come with an Innovative Body Battery energy monitoring feature that lets users monitor their energy levels. There are also preloaded workout options on the watch. Preset workouts can be downloaded from Garmin Connect that can also be customised as needed. The Venu Sq series is compatible with Garmin Coach, where free training plans are available along with a virtual personal trainer.Garmin Venu Sq series supports smart notifications and Android users can reply to messages directly from the wearable. Garmin Venu Sq smartwatches are compatible with Android and Apple devices. Users can download apps, widgets, watch faces, and more from the Garmin Connect IQ store. They are equipped with safety and tracking features as well.- Advertisement – Garmin Venu Sq is offered in three colour variants – orchid/metallic orchid, white/light gold, and shadow gray/slate. Venu Sq Music Edition, on the other hand, comes in four colour options – light sand/rose gold, navy/light gold, moss/slate, and black/slate.Garmin Venu Sq, Venu Sq Music Edition specifications, featuresBoth the Garmin wearables sport a 1.3-inch colour display. The Venu Sq series have a battery life of up to six days in smartwatch mode and up to 14 hours in GPS mode, as per the company.Garmin Venu Sq and Garmin Venu Sq Music Edition have over 20 inbuilt indoor and outdoor sports apps including yoga, Pilates, running, cycling, strength training, and more. It boasts of health monitoring features such as advanced sleep with pulse oximetry, respiration tracking, abnormal heart rate alerts, menstrual cycle tracking, stress tracking with relax reminders, and hydration tracking.- Advertisement – Are Apple Watch SE, iPad 8th Gen the Perfect ‘Affordable’ Products for India? We discussed this on Orbital, our weekly technology podcast, which you can subscribe to via Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, or RSS, download the episode, or just hit the play button below. – Advertisement –last_img read more