The search engine like Shanghai under the new situation how to promote the website

for a web site, the page contains a large number of low quality or pop bomb box and page content of spam is also very poor correlation with the sea "hate". That is to say if these problems a website, love Shanghai is not given a good evaluation and scoring, which means the site will have very good rankings. So the rules of the new search engine, we must try to avoid.

second, first a new station on the line to promote early, we must ensure that the quality of the article, that is to say the article is the best original. Original articles on the Internet, are you copy me, I copied you, has been a lot of waste paper, if new or copied, so the quality of the content is very low, so there is no advantage, search engine will not be included, on the contrary, will also reduce the degree of credit on site. read more

Shanghai Longfeng flow decline reason analysis

2. is not SEM robbed Shanghai Longfeng traffic, and fell in love with some sea’s new line of its own products robbed Shanghai Longfeng flow


website right down topics:

solutions in 2015 the most useful website right down, K, being black, being attacked

secondsWebsite optimization

5. what keywords flow down

a lot of sindustry season is more obvious, the flow down there may be the coming season, while maintaining the same position under the condition that the search volume decline, Shanghai dragon is certainly followed the decline in traffic. read more

To create a high quality the chain to improve the site long tail keywords ranking

              optimization of Shanghai dragon with some basic understand the webmaster, web site keywords ranking in addition to the high quality of the chain and the original articles, as well as the chain construction. In the chain of high quality is not only conducive to the keywords ranking, but also because in chains to improve the relevance of the article can effectively improve PV, increase website viscosity, reduce the rate of pop. We have been introduced using chain concept to build pages link to improve keyword rankings, today I will together with you to further explore the experience of the construction of high quality of the chain.   read more

Noble baby new patent the search engine can search local file

according to the patent document charts show that the search content update involves three categories, respectively is "local application", "remote service" and "registration application", covering individual registered social network navigation information (a baby Maps and media player) content. The "remote service" for Internet data content, "local" and "registration application" for personal data information of local and cloud. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization one month before ten keywords ranking need psychological

I mentioned contact Shanghai Longfeng and practice of Shanghai Longfeng process and some methods of operation will. I want to tell you I was through these points to the site keywords within a month, all of the optimization to the top ten. In fact, up to now I think luck is accounted for a large part, because at that time the Shanghai dragon is not completely understand, even the entry level are not. In general, over a website optimization will probably know what time the keyword ranking will come up, and at that time I even this is not clear, also don’t say what optimization scheme. However, what I can do? This is what I want to say a lot of new friends. read more

The basic problem in my eyes thinking Shanghai dragon six

so the brand is very important, do Shanghai dragon must remember the brand from the start.

Robots.txt direct shielding love Shanghai, love Shanghai but given Taobao snapshot is updated daily. That explains everything, Taobao brand, Shanghai must rely on the brand love, or love Shanghai losses; if no Taobao brand, Shanghai will give you love, you will suffer heavy losses.

What is the


of Shanghai Longfeng thinking? Brand + user experience + web + content + User Guide + ad

said Shanghai Longfeng user experience, of course, with the above said there is a gap between the. Shanghai dragon in the user experience, including love Shanghai search engine user experience, the user experience of the website itself, the product pictures of the user experience, the content of user experience, the chain guide brand of user experience, user experience, and some other factors of the user experience. read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is not the only original but fundamental

we should not only be more original, unique value, so today the net strange Shanghai dragon training and how to share the content of the search engine is the real love, not blind to the original, that will only waste of effort, the effect is not obvious.



network found that currently in operation in Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster, every day most of the time is spent to write original articles and content. Some owners may have some harvest and return, published articles will be included, some webmaster, original articles are not even be included, or included no rankings. So we must understand the fundamental, can better some more articles on the role of our Shanghai Longfeng optimization, to users more valuable articles. read more

The H1 tag in the end or not How to use

(A5 page) home page only once, in the website LOGO.

H2 label:

Let’s look at the

(head of the home page of the home page is the webmaster) only once, is also used in LOGO.

from above, we can find that the web page for H1 tags are used only once, or brand keywords in the website, or directly used in LOGO. In the web design directly using the H1 tag may have enough beautiful effect, so many people will be hidden by css. Or will use H1 tags in LOGO. This can not only on the main keywords to emphasize the effect, enhance the relevance, but also will not affect the appearance. In the content page, are used once, generally is to strengthen the content page headlines again. read more

The actual page optimization How do the page optimization

2. combines the above three points, to determine the optimal target

4. test results (data, user feedback index)

1. problem (data, user feedback) / user survey (questionnaire and interview content, try to combine the data) / competitive analysis

2. the most important product attributes respectively, has no side effects, efficacy, price, brand, reputation for the crowd, and other components.

analysis: from the above we can see that health care users are relatively rational, to buy more clear (by Mito very little possibility to attract target users). At present, the irregular arrangement of goods is not suitable for the target user, and is more suitable for clothing, cosmetics products. The other is the commodity effect is not prominent, is not enough to attract people. read more

Original content is not easy to ignore you and let you do the wedding dress for others

There is no other way except

after receiving your love of spiders in Shanghai by the Ping Service, will immediately go to update and capture content, of course, even if it is not able to immediately capture, but your Ping service time, the content of your original information has been recorded in the data repository in Shanghai love, when a spider in the search and collection of other large the content of the website, will be through the comparison of time information to solve the original source of the problem. read more

From the view of group purchase website keywords hairy optimization


1. group purchase website advantage is very obvious, this is similar to the 58 group purchase website, the domain name had some weight, so it is easy to give weight part of sub domain;

you can fall in love with the sea search may have Liangzi Lake crabs, regional differences, some will be different, but the overall ranking results should be similar to ours, in front of 10 positions, 6 is the group purchase network rankings, there is a love of Shanghai’s own products, there are a few. A crab sales network to buy Gift nets, one is the business platform business information, the last one is video website! We can see from this keyword ranking, more the number of group purchase website, is the front position, to prove that this problem is not the case, I search for another key words: Changsha crabs this terrorist group purchase, more search results, the top 10 search results are ranked from this group purchase website! Group purchase website ranking is not good. Is the case, but more common examples of read more

Seven ideas of how to improve website weight

4, directional anchor text, this is from the content level very effectively enhance the website weight idea, the operation to achieve the ultimate can make search engine very trust your site.

pr Control the chain number Update mechanism of

5 site, the site updated daily that the principle that let the search engine that this site is the user in the update, rather than automatically publish content, original content of artificial regeneration, has great help to enhance the website weight. On the other hand, the acquisition and reproduced on the web site of the weight is less points. read more

Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform launched web search White Fang Yuan you can see

for the content quality, no matter in the update or website content editing, the original is not only standard evaluation, focuses on the content rich in professional knowledge and abundant experience, and with integrity and abundance. Such as mobile phone lottery software 贵族宝贝91ccx贵族宝贝/soft/cprj.html site, the technical problems of mobile phone lottery software content can be released, can also be a problem in the mobile phone lottery software download, installation guide environment steps. In general the content to have a substantial effect. read more

Five points on the website promotion

help you sum up these five points are some problems to a commonplace talk of an old scholar, but these all do it is not easy.

four, avoid too messy code spider is to read the content on your site through the code, assuming that your website code is too long, it is difficult to know what is the key will cause serious consequences if the truncated spider, too messy, will form the same consequences, is included in the site influence.

three, it is very important to choose the choice of keywords, line on the site before using the GG tool and love Shanghai index to analyze key words will bring you flow, can not blindly determine conversion keywords then not modified, as to the website included a no good, you can go online to find keyword selection some of the information and then learn about. Keywords Baoding group purchase to remind the owners choose to associated with the content of the website if you do everything is empty. read more

The analysis of Shanghai dragon chain optimization quality is king how to construct the high quality

as everyone knows, with the search engine algorithm updates, whether for content factors or chain quality factors has been promoted to a hitherto unknown point, the chain quality factors outside the chain has become more the only proper course to take the weights of the website based on the personal experience of self optimization, found the number of external links have not external links important. So in this quality is king of the times, the construction quality of the high quality of the chain is imminent, good gossip short continued I from four aspects and do a detailed analysis of what. read more

Love from Shanghai launched the knowledge map function of Encyclopedia Search Results

love Shanghai Encyclopedia Search results display, similar to the first half of this year launched the nobility baby knowledge map "(Knowledge Graphic) function, when a user searches for a keyword, the search results appear normal, on the right side of the search results are the words related to encyclopedic knowledge. If you search for "Da Vinci" (· Finch), then Da Vinci will appear on the right side of the search results, including Da Vinci at Wikipedia, representative and related artists. According to the different search keywords, knowledge map appears content is different, in order to algorithm powerful performance of noble baby. read more

The eight rule independent shop optimization

5, product copy.

4, the product page.

After the 3, the classification of The construction of

pages are generally composed of several sections: the head of the page, page navigation, product recommendation, classification on the right side of the body, the hottest new random product recommendation, user reviews and bottom navigation structure. This model is popular, the careful use of other.

with the development of e-commerce, more and more enterprises will own business from the traditional battlefield moved to the Internet, regardless of what you are selling, can get some more or less resources from the Internet, just into the electricity supplier market, enterprises are more willing to shop in some mature platform, open a shop of their own in Taobao, eBay, pat for example, then the product pictures, shop decoration, shop operators, shop promotion etc.. Of course, people under the eaves, had to bow, we choose the third party platform to shop, so they must comply with the rules of the game, after many companies saw some restrictions on Taobao, choose to have the operation of independent website, the economic strength of enterprises will find their own development, so most of my friends would choose some mature the CMS open source system establishment, currently do mature: shopex, ECSHOP etc.. The ten rule so today we will talk about the optimization of B2C shop. read more

How to solve the love Shanghai spiders don’t visit the website

I did not set the robot file, but before let a MP3 file and even stolen huge traffic, I removed the link in the first time, from the log on.

1, site space is not stable

love Shanghai morning update, Qi more blog keywords ranking and included no what changes, the business also continued for a period of time in Shanghai 2,3 each accounted for a position, the chain is one out of more than 1000. Only depressed or love Shanghai snapshot not update, site home page did not drop right, really helpless, simply go to the next web log, look at the love of Shanghai visiting or visiting spiders don’t grab it, a startled look, the Shanghai spiders didn’t love visit. Qi more on the combination of their own these days to discuss operation reasons not to access the spider. read more

Let the search engine to quickly find your Title Optimization of Nirvana

Title Optimization is the optimization means Taobao shop business but can be true for having heard it many times, the title and played a positive role in the implementation of the optimization is very rare. After the store traffic bottleneck, and even some shopkeeper blindly began to optimize the title, keywords, some improper or wrong ideas, in the future will optimize the title "surprise" that the product flow did not rise, but fell sharply, the original performance also general products may last, in the title after the search for direct optimization not to. So, how to optimize title? First, and most importantly, the Title Optimization method. What you need to optimize the title, why should optimize title. A good seller, on the shelves before the new product, the title should be ready, but more is the title of the shelves after optimization. As a product of natural search low flow slow rise or not rising, we should consider the optimization of title, Title General in the 1 hours after the product off the shelf, so that the influence of the original keyword weight is relatively small. Why do you want to optimize the title, I guess a lot of people do not know, anyway, others in the optimization that I also want to optimize. Optimization of title is to let your product consumer groups is faster and easier to find your product, let Taobao search engine can better classify products, determine your products comply with what people shopping needs, and gives the corresponding show crowd. So the title is to optimize the search engine watch, this point to keep in mind. Secondly, the title should be how to do optimization, using which tools, which is commonly used to add keywords? Is a function of the Amoy word data cube professional edition, e by the analysis of similar orders hot property and Taobao index query, e and data cube by professional edition is the need to pay, some customers buy is not possible but not willing to buy, so when not using these two tools, we should how effectively to optimize the title? The most basic, open the Taobao home page, enter the store in category most popular search words in the search box, select the recommended word drop-down box, with a customer store keywords for example: read more

Shanghai Longfeng optimization strategy no natural as natural

Shanghai dragon is a great technology, but now many people seem to think the Shanghai Longfeng optimization technology as the optimization of the content and the chain of the simple, original content hard to send the chain and write the time not No one shows any interest in, say, from time to time that day was the site in the sea K off, and then complain, engage in their own original, outside the chain of our high quality how also suffered such unfair treatment? This is actually a lot of the staff did not know Shanghai Longfeng optimization algorithm and algorithm of love Shanghai trend to. read more