How Obama Sees This Moment

first_imgEven amid a raging pandemic, President Trump remains focused on spreading conspiracy theories about the election he lost, abetted by conservative news media outlets and disinformation campaigns on social media. Most Republicans seem resigned to ceding their party to the president, declining to demand that he accept reality and step down. (Worth noting: Not a single Republican lawmaker agreed to appear on any of the Sunday talk shows this past weekend.)Complaints about partisan gridlock aren’t anything new: For more than a decade, pundits have griped about the inability of lawmakers to compromise and accomplish big things. But now, those intractable divisions have spread to the entire country, leaving us unable to form consensus on even the most basic of facts, like Mr. Biden’s victory or the need to wear masks to fight a deadly virus.- Advertisement – That’s the argument Mr. Obama is making in interviews surrounding the release on Tuesday of the first volume of his new memoir, “The Promised Land.”With the election over, the former president is pulling the fire alarm on our democracy. His comments to The Atlantic, NPR and CBS News are striking given that they are coming from a president who was known — and often critiqued — for his levelheaded, “no-drama Obama” style in office. Consider what he told Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic:“America is the first real experiment in building a large, multiethnic, multicultural democracy. And we don’t know yet if that can hold. There haven’t been enough of them around for long enough to say for certain that it’s going to work.”Mr. Obama centers much of his concern on “truth decay” — the decline of agreement on central facts and a blurring of lines between fact and opinion in civic life. The term comes from a report published by the RAND Corporation in 2018 that was included on Mr. Obama’s summer reading list that same year. He told The Atlantic:“If we do not have the capacity to distinguish what’s true from what’s false, then by definition the marketplace of ideas doesn’t work. And by definition our democracy doesn’t work. We are entering into an epistemological crisis.”- Advertisement – Mr. Biden won the White House by promising a return to political norms, a vow that might be impossible to fulfill given the kinds of changes Mr. Obama denounced. Whether Mr. Biden, a longtime creature of old Washington, can navigate our new political and media reality will probably be a central test of his presidency. Mr. Obama doesn’t see his successor as the cause of rising populism, a movement he traces to the 2008 election when Sarah Palin, the Republican vice-presidential nominee, energized her party’s base. Though he couldn’t resist throwing some shade at Mr. Trump:“I’m not surprised that somebody like Trump could get traction in our political life. He’s a symptom as much as an accelerant. But if we were going to have a right-wing populist in this country, I would have expected somebody a little more appealing.”Rather, he blames the media environment, the decline of local news and the refusal of social media companies to take responsibility for conspiracy theories posted on their platforms. There is no longer a “common baseline of fact and a common story,” he said.Mr. Obama even seemed to question whether he could win the presidency if he ran today.“Even as late as 2008, typically when I went into a small town, there’s a small-town newspaper, and the owner or editor is a conservative guy with a crew cut, maybe, and a bow tie, and he’s been a Republican for years. He doesn’t have a lot of patience for tax-and-spend liberals, but he’ll take a meeting with me, and he’ll write an editorial that says, ‘He’s a liberal Chicago lawyer, but he seems like a decent enough guy, had some good ideas’; and the local TV station will cover me straight. But you go into those communities today and the newspapers are gone. If Fox News isn’t on every television in every barbershop and VFW hall, then it might be a Sinclair-owned station, and the presuppositions that exist there, about who I am and what I believe, are so fundamentally different, have changed so much, that it’s difficult to break through.”- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

Film tourism as our opportunity?

first_img“The strength is not only that film crews come out of season, make a lot of nights and spend in destinations, but that they involve the local community as extras and set workers, chefs, etc.… So a whole range of occupations and jobs that film production needs. And that means that the money stays with the local community and thus contributes to better living conditions and self-confidence. ” Today we are in a global market competition where everyone is fighting for the same tourist, and especially for big film productions. Those who are proactive, creative, innovative, add value and those who deal with market development succeed. There are no emotions, it is pure business. You either play the game or you don’t. “It was the first international cooperation of these two institutions with the aim of creating preconditions for the best possible placement of this, but also of every future Croatian candidate and the promotion of Croatia through the film industry.” Stanisic concluded. According to the Croatian Audiovisual Center (HAVC), from 2012 until today, there have been 67 major world productions that have shot hit series and films in Croatia, of which one billion kuna in revenue has flowed into the budget. On the other hand, HAVC has invested, ie set aside HRK 204,9 million for incentives with the aim of stimulating the arrival of world film production. The calculation is clear, which does not include promotion and additional income through tourist arrivals and consumption. In recent years, film tourism has become one of the most important factors and motives that attracts an increasing number of tourists to our country, he said. Kristjan Stanišić, director of the CNTB, and added that film attractions, ie popular locations where world-famous series, films and television shows were filmed, today form a complete tourist product characterized by continuous growth in demand. Francisco Dias, Vice President of the Centro Portugal Film Commission, spoke about the synergy of film and tourism and their impact on regional development, while the director of the Tourist Board of Starigrad Paklenica Marjana Marasović talked about the Winnetou project. In the first ten months, we recorded over 317 thousand arrivals and 402 thousand overnight stays from this market, which is an increase of 5 percent in overnight stays compared to the same period last year.  ROMANA LEKIĆ, Edward Bernays: The strength is not only that the film crews come out of season, but that they involve the local community as extras and set workers, chefs, etc. The promotional film will soon see the light of day, and its goal is to promote Croatia as an excellent film backdrop for large film production companies. THE MOST POPULAR KOREAN TV SHOW IS BEING RECORDED IN CROATIA The CNTB points out that, recognizing the film industry as an excellent communication channel, they decided to connect even more strongly with HAVC. The result of this cooperation is the organization of the American premiere of the film “The Eighth Commissioner”, which filled the legendary Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Boulevard with a hole in November last year. Kristjan Stanišić, CNTB: Popular film locations today form a complete tourist product characterized by continuous growth in demand Finally, let me continue with the title question: Film tourism as our opportunity? Yes of course. As in everything, Croatia has great potential in this segment. We are a small country on the surface, but which offers diverse landscapes as film scenery (from the sea, rivers, lakes, mountains, karst, forests š .even desert), we have four seasons, and we should certainly highlight the quality human and technical resources in context support for film production. We certainly need one big film studio, but it’s a matter of investment, not cost. Because as we have seen above the concrete figures from HAVC, this is about great added value and return on investment. Also, just recently, the British crime series McMafia, produced by the BBC, whose first season was filmed at numerous locations in Croatia, won this year’s 47th EMMY award for best drama series outside the United States. Battle Trip recording / Photo: CNTB Film tourism has been a trend in the world for twenty years, although we forget that we had such tourism in Croatia from the 60s until the 90s, when film production stopped in our country due to the war, but we did not call it that, he points out. Saraga Memorial, director of Balduči Film, and adds that it was the golden age of Croatian cinema and Jadran film, one of the best studios in Europe at the time. “Exactly because of that, great promotional effects are expected from the broadcast of the most popular South Korean TV show” Battle trip “, which was recently filmed in Zagreb, Split and Brac, in which famous Korean pop stars participated.” says Stanišić and concludes that the Croatian National Tourist Board will continue to encourage the work and development of destination management companies with the ultimate goal of diversifying our offer, ie raising the total value of the destination offer. ISTRIAN END NOMINATED FOR BEST EUROPEAN FILM LOCATION Cooperation with HAVC  “It is already known that another record year in Croatian tourism is behind us. But obviously the statistics surprise a large number of tourists who visited Croatia because of the films shot in certain locations. Film tourism is not only made up of guests who have come to visit the location where the film was shot, but it is also the film crews who come here to shoot. Some teams spend up to 20.000 nights – because they have to sleep somewhere, they have to eat something, they need vehicles, they need extras, actors, but also a large number of employees when editing the scenery, etc. Of course the local community benefits the most because it offers business and development opportunities, employment of the local population, and most importantly, prolongs the tourist season. There is no need to talk about the promotion that is received in the world, how many newspapers and portals publish the news that a famous actor or actress is making a film in Croatia, how many likes are expensive posts on Twitter, FB, Instagram, etc. Saraga points out. “Star Wars”, “Robin Hood”, “Mamma Mia”, “The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard” and “Game of Thrones” are just some of the famous films shot in Croatia and which put Lijepa naša in the focus of film tourism. Without a lot of analysis, it is quite clear to everyone what the GOT shooting brought to Croatia, and especially to Dubrovnik. But the main question is how to make good use of this resource later, create added value and manage it wisely strategically? Among the speakers of the DMK FORUM are numerous professional names from the country and the world such as Stefan Roesch, director of FilmQuest, who spoke about film tourism during the golden age of television, while Ivana Kovačević, the director of Vetus Itinera spoke about the impact of the popular HBO series Game of Thrones on Croatian tourism. “We also recognize the potential of film tourism in the Croatian National Tourist Board, so as part of our activities, we continuously bring numerous world journalists, bloggers and influencers to tour filming locations throughout Croatia. That our activities give results, as well as the activities of other stakeholders involved in creating the offer and content of film themes, proves the prestigious award “IT’S MY WORLD Travel Award 2019”, which Croatia won in China in the category “Amazing Travel Experiences of the Year “And just for the experience of the Dubrovnik tour” Game of Thrones ” Stanisic points out.  Last week was held in Zagreb, organized by the CNTB 7th National DMK Forum of the Croatian National Tourist Board on the topic of film tourism in Croatia. Film tourism as our opportunity? Regarding PR and branding through individual films, the angle of anthropologists should be cautious, emphasizes Lekić, because film fans are often not the structure of guests that we need and want. “So let’s say we have concrete examples of Star Wars fans sitting in the middle of Stradun drinking and eating on the floor and their style and behavior does not fit into the image and image of Dubrovnik as an elite destination. We should always look at the big picture and weigh well how the individual elements fit into what we want. A clear vision and direction of development of a particular destination must not be a matter of current inspiration and will of individuals, but a well-conceived open system in which the local community and residents living and working in that destination should give a decisive say. It is then sustainable tourism tailored to man ” Lekić concludes. Film tourism as a special sub-form of cultural tourism has unimaginable potentials, he points out dr. sc. Romana Lekić, Assistant Dean for Tourism Studies at Edward Bernays College of Communication Management in Zagreb, and emphasizes that the film industry for film production involves the wider local community. RELATED NEWS: The great power of film and television is confirmed by Korean productions “The Romantic in Croatia”And”Noonas over Flowers”Which were filmed in Croatia a few years ago, and which promoted our country to a hit destination in South Korea,” said Stanisic as a positive example. Cover photo: Skitterphoto, Also, Saraga highlights the fact of what happened after Korea’s successful film projects, and that is that today we have nearly half a million Korean tourists, and before filming began we had about 2.500. “If the teams that come here for filming are planned to be serviced, especially those television stations that do reports or a certain reality show program, which also have their audience following them and wanting to see the locations where certain programs were filmed, we can make new stories in new locations. But we should also be careful not to let negative aspects happen to us, such as a change in the structure of guests, too crowds, a change in the local brand. We see this in the example of Dubrovnik, which will charge for locations in the future. ” emphasizes Saraga and adds that we can now boast of a new film called “Croatia, as a film location“Which was shot in the production of BALDUČI FILM, and co-financed by the CNTB. Whether we will turn film tourism from its potential into a quality resource remains only up to us. MCMAFIA, RECORDED IN CROATIA, WINS EMMY AWARD AS BEST DRAMA SERIES OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES ZAGREB WANTS TO POSITION AS A DESTINATION FOR MOVIES, SERIES AND ADVERTISEMENTS For the purposes of promoting Croatia and in support of foreign film productions, HAVC has created a website Filming in Croatia, as well as a brochure Little Black Book with contacts of various Croatian partners regarding support for film production.  Photo: Instagram Robin Hood shooting in Dubrovnik / Photo: Instagram Spomenka Saraga, Baludić Film: Film tourism combines two cultures, film culture and travel culture.last_img read more

Sunny forecast for auctions despite deluge

first_img64 Clarence Dr, Helensvale is in the award-winning River Downs estate. It will go under the hammer at 1pm.It follows a lacklustre clearance rate over the past week — CoreLogic data reported a 36.8 per cent clearance rate on the Coast, with 14 cleared auctions out of 38 auction results The Currumbin Valley home has five bedrooms.A barn, two paddocks and stables remain on the property. 19 King Arthurs Crt, Sovereign Islands is in a point position. 9a Bourke Lodge Dr, Currumbin Valley. The modern ranch-style residence is described as a “horse lovers dream” and was historically a well-known racing stable residence and still remains decked out for equine enthusiasts.The house features open plan living, a patio with spectacular sunset views and a separate timber veranda. There’s a mix of formal and informal living areas. More from news02:37International architect Desmond Brooks selling luxury beach villa19 hours ago02:37Gold Coast property: Sovereign Islands mega mansion hits market with $16m price tag2 days agoIt overlooks the iconic valley. Also on Saturday, a stunning family residence at Helensvale will go to auction at 2.30pm. The six-bedroom, four-bathroom house features extensive glass, stone and marble with a Florida room housing a pool taking centre stage. 100-102 Regatta Pde, Southport is on a double block. It is located in the TSS precinct. 100-102 Regatta Pde offers spectacular east facing river views, a riverfront swimming pool and north facing landscaped gardens. Having just undergone a rebuild, the home features generous living spaces and quality fixtures and fittings. On Sunday, eight properties are currently listed for auction, including a family residence at Sovereign Islands. The house has six bedrooms and a parents retreat, with views of Surfers Paradise skyline from both inside the home or direct from the pool. 9a Bourke Lodge Dr, Currumbin Valley will go to auction on Saturday at 1pm.LOCAL real estate agents are confident that this weekend’s auctions won’t be dampened, as the Coast cops a drenching.The Bureau of Meteorology says up to 175mm, or more than an average month’s worth of rain, will fall over a four-day period until Sunday. Craig Buckley of Ray White Broadbeach said he has a wet weather plan for tomorrow’s auction of 9A Bourke Lodge Drive, Currumbin Valley.“The house is very big, so we have a large indoor and outdoor area to use — the rain shouldn’t hinder it,” Mr Buckley said.“At this stage we’ve had about 40 groups through so far to date and should have three registered bidders, and a number of conditional parties.” The Florida room and pool.The property also boasts a separate media and games building, a granny flat, basketball court and fully equipped hairdressing salon. Saturday is a full auction day — a waterfront property at Southport is also scheduled to go under the hammer.last_img read more

Airport trains complete first phase of tests

first_imgINTRO: One of 23 seven-car trains for Hong Kong’s airport line is to be shipped from Germany this monthTEN WEEKS of trials with one of the first trains for Hong Kong MTR Corp’s airport line culminated in a media presentation on July 2 at the Adtranz works in Hennigsdorf near Berlin. The train had previously undergone static tests in Spain following assembly by CAF and is due to be shipped this month to Hong Kong for final trials and commissioning. Other units have already been delivered directly from Spain to Hong Kong.The set on display was one of 12 seven-car units for the Tung Chung line, which will carry commuters from Lantau island into Hong Kong. They form part of an order for 23 trains, the other 11 being Airport Express line sets destined to carry airline passengers when Chek Lap Kok airport opens in the middle of next year.The two types of train have the same performance characteristics with a maximum speed of 135 km/h, although the air-conditioned interiors are quite different. The AEL sets have 64 seats per car with room for 84 standees and plenty of luggage space, but in the high-density TCL cars there are only 48 bench seats, leaving room for 327 passengers to stand. Provision is made for disabled passengers on both designs. The TCL sets have five pairs of double-leaf sliding plug doors on each side, while the AEL trains have two doorways per side.In the Adtranz-led joint venture that won the job to build the trains in 1994 the German company is responsible for the 1·5 kV DC traction package and control equipment, while CAF is supplying aluminium bodyshells, bogies, interiors and auxiliaries. On each of the five power cars all four axles are motored. Self-ventilated three-phase motors with a nominal rating of 265 kW power the axles through a flexible drive.The contract is worth DM437m, of which DM136m is the Adtranz share. Subcontractors include Sepsa, supplier of the fault diagnosis equipment and air-conditioning, SAB-Wabco (brakes), Ikusi (passenger information) and Woodville Polymers (gangways). CAF is supplying doors, with Bode of Germany providing the mechanisms and Bemag of Düsseldorf the door control software. Marconi is providing two driving simulators.According to Project Manager David Barry, the trials have not revealed any serious problems, although some work will be necessary to reduce noise levels. Noise is one of several demanding areas in MTR Corp’s specification: safety, electromagnetic compatibility, ease of maintenance, reliability, and fire protection are others. These are addressed in a ’System Assurance Plan’ that provides for the performance of individual components and the whole train to be monitored and checked continuously during design and commissioning.MTR Corp envisages that as demand rises in the longer term, the AEL trains will be lengthened to 10-car sets and the TCL units to eight cars. o CAPTION: Above and centre: One of 12 seven-car TCL trains destined to carry commuters from Lantau island to Hong Kong has spent 10 weeks undergoing trials on the Adtranz test track at Hennigsdorf Above right: The spartan interior of the TCL trains contrasts with the luxurious seating for airline passengers in the AEL unitslast_img read more

Mother says doctor brought up assisted suicide option as sick daughter was within earshot

first_imgCBC News 25 July 2017Family First Comment: Yet another disturbing case from Canada!A St. Anthony, N.L., mother who claims she was told by a doctor that assisted suicide was an option for her adult daughter says she wants an apology from Labrador-Grenfell Health, in part because the 25-year-old could hear the conversation.Sheila Elson’s 25-year-old daughter, Candice Lewis, has several medical conditions, including spina bifida, cerebral palsy and chronic seizure disorder.During a hospital stay in St. Anthony last November, when Lewis was very sick, Elson said a doctor told her that her daughter was dying and that she had the option to end her life.“His words were ‘assisted suicide death was legal in Canada,’” she told CBC. “I was shocked, and said, ‘Well, I’m not really interested,’ and he told me I was being selfish.”According to Elson, Lewis was within earshot when the doctor made the comment — which she said was quite traumatic for her daughter to hear.Pattern of mistreatment After talking with some social workers, Elson was told she wouldn’t be able to make a decision on ending her daughter’s life, even if she wanted to, and that it would have to be made by Lewis herself, who is capable of verbally communicating.Elson said the incident is the most recent example of alleged mistreatment from Labrador-Grenfell Health. In one example, she said, a nurse referred to her daughter as a “frequent flyer” at the hospital — which Elson said was insensitive to say about someone with so many health issues.“She’s sick. [When] she gets sick, you take her to the hospital,” Elson said. “Whether she’s there 10 times a week or 25 times a day, she’s still a human being.”READ MORE & VIEW VIDEO read more


first_imgBy now I am sure you have heard of PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs). The recent suspension of approximately 20 major leaguers were all tied to this category. Performance Enhancing Drugs cover such things as testosterone, certain steroids, blood enhancers, etc. The list is too long to try to name all of them. If something is put in your body for any reason other than to cure some known ailment, it is probably performance enhancing. Even some things like asthma aids can be on this list. Players try to use ignorance, but they are all informed on what these materials are. The reward of a huge contract for performing above your competitors outweighs the risk of being caught. If I can get a $100,000,000 contract, I will take a chance on being caught because right now the suspension is short enough that I can afford it and my chances of getting caught have been low. This time some of these players passed their test, but the suspicion of using the substance was strong enough that they were suspended anyway. To fight the charges usually opens up more probing and the likelihood of finding more violations. Until the risk outweighs the reward, players will keep putting stuff in their bodies to get bigger, stronger, and less likely to get hurt. Keep the fight up, Commissioner Selig!last_img read more

Dillian Whyte: I dropped Fury in sparring

first_imgRelatedPosts Tyson Fury to Anthony Joshua: Don’t risk fighting Usyk Dillian Whyte to face Povetkin in November rematch Anthony Joshua wants Tyson Fury, Wilder fight Dillian Whyte has reiterated his claim that he floored Tyson Fury when they sparred as young professionals.Midway through last year, Fury and Whyte exchanged words about the times when they trained together, both offering different versions of events. When asked to recall the sparring story, Whyte initially told Sky Sports: “Tyson Fury can tell it.“I’m not one for going around shouting sparring stories, Tyson Fury can tell you guys what happened.“I’m not one to go, ‘I done this, I done that.’ He’s the one who come out and said he beat me up in the gym and stuff like that.“I can tell you now, that didn’t happen. I don’t like telling sparring stories but people on the grapevine know.”However, when pressed for more information, Whyte opened up and said: “Well me and Tyson Fury sparred, but I bashed him about and dropped him on multiple occasions, it’s simple as that. “If I was such an easy fight, why is he not in any rush to fight me?“He said before beating Wilder, ‘When I beat Wilder, I’m gonna give Dillian Whyte his title shot after beating Wilder.’“He just talks rubbish. I’m just sick and tired of it.”Tags: Dillian WhyteTyson Furylast_img read more

The Latest: Hugo Lloris says health has priority over soccer

first_imgThe Latest: Hugo Lloris says health has priority over soccer Associated Press ___The governing body of field hockey says it has extended the international Pro League seasons by one year to run through June 2021.The nine men’s and nine women’s national teams were scheduled to play January-to-June annually.Games in the 2020 season were stopped because of the coronavirus pandemic. Germany has yet to play in the women’s competition while leader Argentina has played eight of its 16 games.The International Hockey Federation says the new time frame gives it the best chance “to deliver on broadcast and commercial partner agreements.” Talks are ongoing in leagues around the world as to when the season can restart. South Korea’s K-League will kick off on May 8 in empty stadiums. The Bundesliga in Germany is discussing playing again on May 9.Lloris says “there’s so much at stake financially for clubs … But above all of that there is health.”Lloris plays for Tottenham in the Premier League. The team has nine matches remaining this season.Lloris says in an interview with Le Parisien newspaper that “if we have to finish the league without fans then we will.”But the World Cup champion adds that “soccer remains totally secondary given the current situation.” Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditThe Latest on the effects of the coronavirus outbreak on sports around the world:___France goalkeeper Hugo Lloris says resuming soccer leagues should not come at the expense of people’s health amid the coronavirus pandemic.center_img The ECB says the international season in England will now be played from July to the end of September. The three-test series against the West Indies that was due to start on June 4 has been postponed.ECB chief executive Tom Harrison says his organization is following advice from the government and health experts and that “our plan is to reschedule international matches as late as possible in the season to give the best chance of play.”___More AP sports: and,Tampa Bay Lightning advance to face Dallas Stars in Stanley Cup finals, beating New York Islanders 2-1 in OT in Game 6 April 24, 2020 The subsequent season will run from September 2021 to the following June.___England will try to reschedule its test series with the West Indies after announcing there will be no professional cricket played in the country until July 1 at the earliest because of the coronavirus pandemic.The inaugural season of The Hundred is due to start on July 17 and has not yet been canceled. The England and Wales Cricket Board has arranged a meeting for next week to discuss whether it can go ahead.No domestic competitions have been scrapped for this year.last_img read more

Wisconsin hockey rooted in tradition

first_imgFreshman goaltender Becca Ruesgsegger comes from a big hockey family with a brother at Denver.[/media-credit]Hockey is very much a cult sport.Ridiculous expenses, predawn practices, limited coverage and cold ice rinks headline a long list of reasons why hockey has lacked the national praise of more prominent sports like football and baseball. With that said, hockey’s quirky purists — though few in number — consider the game to be a divine activity.Die-hard “puckheads” live for hockey extravagances like the long road trips of youth hockey, a late-night pickup game at the local rink or watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The sound of a puck hitting a goal-post or the sight of a punishing check can resonate in a hockey fan their own slice of heaven.Full appreciation of the game requires tremendous effort, and therefore the most devoted of hockey fans are almost invariably raised in a “hockey family” or a “hockey environment.” That is, they had someone there at an early age showing them Wayne Gretzky tapes or pushing them on a chair at the local rink as temperatures plummeted well below freezing.The Wisconsin women’s hockey team, fresh off their third national title in four years, is a perfect example of how hockey interest and participation germinates in environments, and families, with rich hockey history.Five current Badgers have siblings that currently or previously were college hockey players at a different program. Freshman goalie Becca Ruegsegger’s brother Tyler is a star forward at the University of Denver; junior Geena Prough’s brother, Jeff, graduated from Brown, where he was an assistant captain in 2007-08; junior Olivia Jakiel’s brother Steve tends goalie for Curry College; another junior, forward Carla Pentimone’s brother, Joey, plays for Robert Morris; Emily Kranz, a senior forward, has a sister who played for Providence from 1998-2002.Ruegsegger, who notched an impressive shutout last Saturday in her first career start, acknowledged her brother Tyler’s presence not only got her into hockey initially but also helped her maintain and nurture the competitive edge she needed to succeed at a high level.“My brother has always been my hero growing up, and that’s probably the reason I started playing hockey. I was pretty young when I started,” Ruegsegger said of her brother, a sixth-round draft pick of the Toronto Maple Leafs.“Growing up, he always shot on me in the garage and gave me pointers. We go out and skate all the time together in the summer. He’s a great role model for me.”Freshman forward Breanne Frykas, a Manitoba, Canada, native, has perhaps the most impressive hockey pedigree on the Badgers. Frykas’ cousin is Nashville Predators head coach Barry Trotz, one of hockey’s most respected scouts and strategists.Frykas points out that, while hockey is just a sport, there is a whole world of opportunity for players even after one’s career. Therefore, according to Frykas, hockey is more than a simple game.“Hockey has definitely been in the family. It has motivated me to do things, for sure. [Trotz] has gone very far in hockey,” Frykas said of her cousin. “I pursue hockey because it opens up all kinds of other opportunities.”Current Badger coach Tracey DeKeyser noted that Frykas was almost destined to be a hockey player, due in large part to her upbringing in hockey-mad Manitoba and her family background in hockey.“Being Canadian, it’s part of the culture in Manitoba. I know her brother is playing, and her dad is highly involved in the youth hockey there,” DeKeyser said. “It goes without saying that she was going to be involved, so there is some [hockey] lineage there.”Hockey hotbeds like Minnesota, Wisconsin, Colorado, New York, Massachusetts and Michigan provide a heavy proportion of America’s top skaters. Unlike football or baseball, where you typically see youth programs in every region of the U.S., hockey is found consistently in only a dozen or so states.Why is this? Besides high prices, conflicting climate and limited media exposure, DeKeyser suggests that it is the presence of a guiding “hockey hand” that creates early interest in the sport.“It’s pretty apparent that the pattern here is that they’ve had a sibling or family member that has played and help them get better,” DeKeyser said. “That makes for greater player development when they’re younger.”last_img read more

Panel analyzes the Asian American vote in elections

first_imgThe Jesse M. Unruh Institute of Politics and the Asian Pacific American Student Assembly hosted the Institute’s fourth and final installment in the “It’s Our Election Too” series Wednesday. Moderators included Unruh Institute Director Dan Schnur and APASA External Community Chair Amy Chau. Panelists included L.A. Councilmember David Ryu, Voting Coordinator at the L.A. branch of  Asian Americans Advancing Justice Shelly Chen, and, Sarah Kim, APASA Finance Director, and Aliza Khan, a junior majoring in economics.Ryu was the first Korean American and only the second Asian American to be elected to municipal office in Los Angeles. Representing the Fourth District, stretching from Sherman Oaks to Koreatown, Ryu was elected with strong support from the Korean community in and around his district. He discussed his campaign with the panel and the similarities to the national election.“If you look at my [City Council] election, it’s just a microcosm of what’s going to happen in the macro,” Ryu said.While Ryu ran in a crowded non-partisan primary for City Council with 13 opponents, he  and defeated front-runner Carolyn Ramsay, former chief-of-staff to then-incumbent Councilmember Tom LaBonge in the general election.The panel also touched on the importance of Asian Americans actually turning out to participate in the elections that elect their representatives.Kim noted that Asian Americans may be skeptical of participating in American politics because of their associations with politics back home or may simply have little motivation to do so.“A lot of older generations feel that — even though they have become citizens in recent years — they feel more plugged in back at home, whether that be China, or Korea or Vietnam, and they don’t believe that they should participate here [in U.S. elections],” Kim said.Chen spoke on her work with Asian Americans Advancing Justice, dealing with challenges of getting Asian voters to turn out and participate on Election Day. AAAJ is an advocacy organization that works on behalf of Asian Americans to organize on issues such as race relations and domestic violence.“Our [Asian] communities are disproportionately immigrant and relatively limited-English-speaking, and so what that means is that many folks face barriers when it comes to the voting process,” Chen said. “Particularly when it comes to language, many voters don’t know the resources that are available to them.”When questioned about the possible influence the Asian-American community could have on future elections through its traditional view as a swing voter block, both Chen and Kim pointed out that many Asian Americans vote regarding issue positions and less by party.In her response, Kim noted that in past presidential elections, Asian Americans cast as many as 74 percent of their votes for Democrats. However, twenty years into the past, just as high a percentage voted for Republican candidates.Chen, however, noted that Asian Americans are often ignored because they aren’t widely considered to be reliable partisan voters.“A lot of folks in our [Asian Pacific American] community are unaffiliated,” Chen pointed out. “What happens, sometimes to our detriment, is that our community is ignored by those mainstream candidates.”Finally, Ryu addressed the students by discussing how he used “people power” to overcome the odds against him in his election for City Council.“They said ‘it’s not our turn [to have a Korean councilman],’” Ryu said. “See, in politics, power is not given. It’s taken.”last_img read more