Canada to send team back to Mali to help Romania minimize gap

first_imgOTTAWA — The Canadian military plans to send a team back to Mali next month to work with Romanian peacekeepers and minimize a gap in providing medical evacuations to United Nations and Malian forces and civilians.Canadian peacekeepers will cease operations in Mali on Saturday and begin packing up their helicopters and equipment after more than a year in the sprawling West African country.Yet while their Romanian replacements have started to arrive, with help from Canadian Forces transport aircraft, the Romanians aren’t expected to be ready to fly missions until the middle of October.To ensure they are ready, Col. Travis Morehen, commander of the Canadian contingent, says some of his troops who returned home last month will be back for a week in September to teach their Romanian replacements the ropes.The 12-month Canadian mission was scheduled to wrap up all operations at the end of July before the federal government extended medical evacuations another month to the end of August.The UN had asked Canada to keep all its peacekeepers in Mali until the middle of October to prevent any gap between the end of the Canadian mission and the start of Romanian one.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

UN official urges continued international support as Vanuatu recovers from Cyclone Pam

“As we scale up the aid effort, and as basic services are being rehabilitated and people get back to work, we must ensure that no second emergency develops in Vanuatu from food and water shortages or disease outbreaks,” the UN’s humanitarian coordinator for the archipelagic nation, Osnat Lubrani, said in a statement issued earlier today. The Category 5 tropical cyclone descended upon Vanuatu, Tuvalu and a number of other Pacific islands one week ago battering them with 250kmph winds and 320kmph gusts which caused widespread damage to infrastructure, impacting services such as electricity. Ms. Lubrani explained that in Vanuatu the storm had left 17 people dead and some 65,000 people homeless. A UN Disaster Assessment and Coordination (UNDAC) team arrived in the Pacific Ocean archipelago on 16 March and began its work in supporting the Government of Vanuatu in coordinating the humanitarian response, providing some 166,000 people with recovery support. Nevertheless, Ms. Lubrani continued, Cyclone Pam’s impact had caused significant damage to the country’s food and water supplies as well as sanitation and health facilities. “Water is a serious problem, with the contamination of water sources a grave health threat, particularly to children. Food stocks are limited as vegetable gardens have been wiped out – a concern for food security and as a source of livelihoods. Several of the health centres and schools have been severely damaged,” she said. Along with the tragic loss of life and severe infrastructure damage, Cyclone Pam has also heavily impacted Vanuatu’s economy which is heavily dependent on agriculture. An initial assessment by the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has found “extensive damage” to crops, livestock and fisheries as a result of the storm. The banana crop was almost entirely destroyed by the storm, as have most coconuts and all of the inland cabbage plants and leafy vegetables. Root crops, which are an important local food source, have been uprooted and flooded in most areas, while the majority of fruit trees have been stripped and chickens and pigs have been killed.As well as crops, most household food and seed stocks and garden production were also destroyed, leaving many families without food and income and increasing the need for imports. With the first harvest from replanted fast-growing food crops likely to be available only in mid-June, Vanuatu could be without locally produced food until then.It will be some time before the full scale of damages and needs on Vanuatu’s more than 80 islands will be known due to a lack of functional communications and limited access following the destruction, according to the UN. However, with 99 per cent of all households on the outer islands dependent on agriculture for consumption needs and income, and with 75 per cent of households in the capital, Port Vila consuming their own produce, the impact will be large.Ms. Lubrani admitted that the widespread disruption of communication and roads would also impact humanitarian efforts and had transformed the UN’s relief efforts into “a very challenging logistical operation.”“Communication within and between the islands is a major challenge, while access to affected areas remains restricted because debris and fallen trees are blocking roads,” she added. “It is also going to be very expensive due to the costs of getting to remote islands and the damage caused to transport infrastructure.”As a result, she called upon the international community to boost aid and humanitarian efforts for Vanuatu as the country emerges from the disaster. “We must support the people and Government of Vanuatu as they continue to help the most vulnerable communities and start to recover and rebuild,” concluded Ms. Lubrani. “The United Nations and our partners are ready to continue to help in this effort.” read more

Nowhere is safe to hide in wartorn Yemen say UNappointed rights experts

At the launch of its second report into alleged violations committed in the Arabian Peninsula State, where the internationally recognized Government of President Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi is fighting chiefly Houthi opposition forces, the Group of Eminent International and Regional Experts on Yemen insisted that there had been “a pervasive lack of accountability”.The parties to the conflict in Yemen – all the parties – are responsible for numerous violations – panel chair, Kamel JenoubiBoth sides were responsible, the experts insisted, and assessments that many thousands of people had been killed “are likely to be a gross underestimate”, expert Charles Garraway insisted.“The parties to the conflict in Yemen – all the parties – are responsible for numerous violations of human rights, of international law and humanitarian law,” said panel chair Kamel Jenoubi. “Some of these violations may constitute war crimes.”Describing what kind of daily terrors Yemenis had to face, Mr. Jenoubi noted that there was nowhere safe to hide in the war-torn country – a deliberate tactic by the warring sides.“The missiles, the airstrikes, the snipers, (that) hit people going about their daily business, often without warning and in places where there’s no active conflict,” he said. “It gives the impression that there’s nowhere in Yemen that you can call safe, or where you can hide.”460,000 cholera cases in first six months of 2019Another war tactic outlined in the report is the targeting of health centres and services, which has had a devastating impact on a population verging on famine and brought low by some 460,000 cases of suspected cholera in the first half of the year alone. “We’ve had incidents this year where the Coalition has struck an MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) cholera treatment centre just prior to it opening for business, so taking that out of action for the year,” said Ms. Parke. “And we’ve had both sides of the parties to the conflict actively impeding the delivery of cholera vaccines to the population of Yemen.”The panel, which was established in 2017 following a request by the Human Rights Council to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, also found further testimonies of other worrying practices by those fighting, including the forced recruitment of children.Fighters recruit children ‘by force’“The parties – all the parties – actively recruit children, including by force,” Mr. Jenoubi said. “The parties to the conflict harass and threaten rights activists, journalists, human rights defenders, humanitarian workers, they impose restrictions on their work, that often cut off services provided to people in need.”Turning to the belligerents’ decision to prevent Yemenis from importing much of the fuel, food and medicines they have needed in the past through key Red Sea ports like Hudaydah, Mr. Jenoubi likened the tactic to a siege and “attacks against things that are essential to the population’s survival”. The population had been deprived of “food, water and medicine at a time of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis”, he insisted, with more than 24 million people – 80 per cent of the population – dependent on humanitarian aid to survive.Stop selling arms to warring sides, experts urgeHighlighting the active involvement of other countries including a Saudi-led Coalition which has supported Yemeni Government forces since March 2014, the group of experts urged others States to stop selling arms that could be used in conflict.“The Group of Experts have recommended that Third States prohibit the authorization of arms transfers and refrain from providing arms to parties to the conflict,” expert Melissa Parke told journalists. “This is because of the prevailing risk that such arms will be used by parties to commit or facilitate serious violations of international humanitarian and human rights law.”Responding to a question about which countries were involved in selling arms to Yemen’s belligerents, Charles Garraway replied that “certain States” were “well known to be supplying weapons; that includes the United States, that includes the United Kingdom and it includes France, to name but three. On the other side, it is reported that Iran may be supplying weapons to the Houthis.”The expert report is due to be presented to the Human Rights Council later this month. read more

Week in Brussels – Week ending Friday 18 October 2013

DOWNLOAD1. EU new car registrations up 5.4% in September2. Worldwide new car registrations up 5.7% in September3. EU air quality package to look beyond 20204. EU grants €1.6 billion to support key TEN-T infrastructure projects5. Industrial production up by 1.0% in euro areaClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)

Flanders Electric SureTrip dipper spool reel a boost for rope shovel productivity

first_imgA gear motor drive assembly and cable spool reel engineered for rope shovels has dramatically decreased the occurrence of unexpected dipper trip system failure, one of the biggest productivity thieves in surface mining operations. Developed by Flanders Electric, the SureTrip dipper spool reel applies constant tension during the dig cycle to maintain full control over the tripping cable, and delivers optimum torque to ensure reliable, consistent gate activation. Performance studies show the long-life SureTrip system delivers 99% activation reliability, and SureTrip is the only dipper trip system that can be custom-set based on digging situations to help maximise digging efficiency, Flanders Electric reports.At shovel operations where SureTrip is installed, customers have reported the following benefits:Easy integration of the digital drive into existing shovel control systemsSignificant increases in productivityMuch lower levels of operator frustrationExtended rope and component life due to smooth torque regulationFewer maintenance requirements due to elimination of wound motorMaximized component life due to extreme-duty cable reel assemblies and ring and pinion gear.In addition, operators where SureTrip is installed report SureTrip’s new Graphic User Interface (GUI) to be user friendly, with secure and modifiable settings and intuitive navigation that reduces training costs. Mining operations say SureTrip’s detailed diagnostics minimize maintenance downtime.last_img read more

DreamPlug puts a 12GHz ARM PC in a power outlet

first_imgIf you want a small PC the most common options are to buy a netbook, or if you want a larger screen a nettop. But there is an even smaller option that does not require any desk space at all: it’s called a plug computer.These tiny machines form part of an over-sized plug and sit in a power outlet. Unlike a typical PC they don’t have a video card and therefore no video out. They are ideally suited for use as a web or media server that is always on and always connected. Just plug it in and forget about it. While there are a few plug computers out there, including the SheevaPlug and GuruPlug, the latest model to become available offers an update to the performance, software, and connections available. It’s called DreamPlug, and it offers up some serious computing power using an ARM processor.Here’s the basic spec:Marvell Sheeva core @ 1.2GHz speedLinux 2.6.3x Kernel512MB 16bit DDR2-800 MHz1 GB on board micros-SD for kernal and root file system2 x Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000 Mbps2 x USB 2.0 ports (Host)1 x eSATA 2.0 port -3Gbps SATAII1 x SD socket for user expansion/applicationWiFi 802.11 b/gBluetooth BT2.1 + EDRAudio InterfacesHeadphone (analogue) out x 1Fiber Optics (SP/DIF) out x 1 Jtag and Uart connections for external module5V3A DC power supplyThe DreamPlug has the advantage of offering an always on computing solution that takes up no space and only draws 5 watts of power. Want a home server? DreamPlug could be the perfect solution.If you want one then it’s possible to pre-order for $149 with shipments starting some time this month. There’s also an optional $30 JTAG board for debugging and programming purposes if you intend to develop applications for use with the DreamPlug.Alternatively if you don’t mind working with a bulkier plug computer, there’s also the GuruPlug Display also up for pre-order which adds a HDMI out which can drive a 720p resolution. As you’d expect it’s more expensive at $199.Read more at Globalscale Technologies and NewIT, via Thinqlast_img read more

Dev doesnt want to pay for a broken version of Growl releases

first_imgIf you’re not familiar with it, Growl is an excellent notification tool for OS X. Lots of people use it and it’s something so tightly integrated to users’ Mac experience that it feels like a native part of the operating system. Growl was a free, open source app until version 1.3 was released on the Mac App Store in early October. At that point anyone that wanted to stick with the older versions  could, but if they wanted to get OS X Lion-compatible v1.3 (or beyond) they had to pay $1.99 for it.Now most people would say that’s a fair bargain (and, as a paid Growl user, I can’t disagree), but not everyone thinks so. Developer Perry Metzger decided to fork the open source project, throw in a few bug fixes, and release his own version for the low, low price of zero dollars. After all, that’s kind of how open source works (depending on the licensing, of course). And, in all fairness, Metzger only did this after he paid for Growl and find that it didn’t work satisfactorily. There was a noted bug that Growl’s developers were informed of but hadn’t fixed, and old versions were not playing nicely with Lion (especially Hardware Growler).And what did Metzger get for his work? A pat on the back and a virtual few high-fives? Maybe some donation bucks from grateful downloaders? Turns out it was a cease-and-desist and a one-month ban from the Growl mailing list. Ouch.Metzger’s forked version of Growl 1.2.x (the last version of the source code that’s public) is available. It doesn’t use the Mac App Store’s slick delivery system or Apple account integration, but it doesn’t crash when you change your WiFi card’s state either. Also, it’s free. The account clearly states that this is an unofficial fork of Growl and it’s not endorsed by the people at He even wrote a full “WHY DID I FORK THIS?” section explaining his actions. Seems reasonable to us…Yes, another open source software fight. This doesn’t have an entirely unhappy ending though. For $1.99 you can download the fixed version of Growl, v1.3.1, you can play around with the Growl 1.3 source code, or you can download Metzger’s fork.via Basement Coders (don’t miss the podcast link at the bottom)last_img read more

Excited About The LEGO Batman Movie Check Out These 5 Comics

first_img The 11 Weirdest ‘Scooby-Doo’ Guest StarsChristian Bale Shares Cheeky Batsuit Advice for Robert Pattinson Stay on target The LEGO Batman Movie comes out this Friday and is most definitely something to be excited about. The LEGO Movie was one of the biggest surprises of 2014, with a great premise and an even better cast that left kids and adults wanting more. Three years later, we are getting a spin-off featuring the Batman from that movie, a version of the character who has all of his personality traits turned up to 11. If Kanye West were Batman, it probably wouldn’t be much different than the animated Batman played by Will Arnett. The movie looks to be taking cues from every previous depiction of the character, diving headfirst into the dark and convoluted lore of Batman and his Bat-Family. If all of the early reviews are to be believed, this movie is going to be just as big a hit as its brick-built predecessor. If you can’t wait until Friday, or have already seen it and need more, here are some comics that I recommend to fill the little Bat-shaped hole in your life.via DC ComicsWhile Will Arnett’s version of Batman may be incredibly self-centered, this movie doesn’t shy away from the extended Bat-family the way that almost every other modern screen depiction of the character has. Dick Grayson/Robin and Barbara Gordon/Batgirl play a huge role in the film, and what better way to celebrate that than by reading the amazing Batgirl: Year One and Robin: Year One, both of which were written by veteran comics writer Chuck Dixon. Cute, fun stories about the respective sidekicks, these stories take place in the first months of both of their crime-fighting careers. The two series have since been released as a single collected edition, which can be found online at Comixology.via DC ComicsEmbracing the more colorful elements of Batman as a character has been scarce lately, with DC choosing to focus on the more grounded, gritty versions of the character. Writer Scott Snyder and artist Greg Capullo broke this streak recently, in their Superheavy storyline, which found Jim Gordon operating as Batman during Bruce Wayne’s absence. A crazy, electric storyline which featured monsters, a Robocop-like Batman suit, and all of the quirks that came with Jim as Batman, Superheavy did not last long, but it will not be forgotten. The storyline was collected in volume 8 of Snyder and Capullo’s New 52 run on Batman, and it is available online.via DC ComicsAn anthology series, Superman/Batman, did an amazing job of taking the Caped Crusader out of his comfort zone as he went on adventures with the Man of Steel, as they faced off against every threat imaginable, and even some that were unimaginable. Running over 80 issues in the 2000’s, Superman/Batman was not always perfect, but it was almost always a nice change of pace for the characters. The series has since been collected and is available online.via DC ComicsBatgirl doesn’t get a lot of focus, and while the LEGO Batman Movie gives her a much bigger role in the lore of Batman, her role as a character in the DC Universe has been consistently underappreciated. One of the best runs on the character came recently from writers Cameron Stewart and Brenden K. Fletcher, as well as artist Bab Tarr for DC Comics’ New 52 line. Fun, cute, with plenty of motorcycle chases and butt kicking, the run only lasted for 17 issues before being rebooted in the DC Rebirth. The series has since been collected into three volumes which are available online.via DC ComicsYes, that is a caveman Batman. Grant Morrison’s Return of Bruce Wayne might tonally be very different from the LEGO Batman Movie, but both have a great understanding of the character and his mythos. Stranded in time by the villain known as Darkseid, The Return of Bruce Wayne follows Bruce as he must fight his way back through time in different Bat-costumes, even at one point being a Pilgrim during the Colonial era. A fun, action-packed romp that isn’t afraid to embrace the wackier Silver Age roots of the character, Return is a great read for anyone interested in the Bat-mythos. A six issue mini-series, Return has since been collected and is available online.last_img read more

TCI Ready medical program launched five years strong

first_img Related Items:#magneticmedianews, #TCIReadyprogramlaunch Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppTurks and Caicos, April 25, 2017 – Providenciales – Launch of ‘TCI Ready’ program; a dynamic partnership between TCI Hospitals, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education including medical centers in the private sector and health departments of TCIG.  Dr. Jameiko Harvey touts the program, in its fifth year, as an ideal launch pad for medical careers.  “Anyone that has an interest in the health profession, whether it be from the front office all the way up to the doctorate level, we try to make the opportunity available for them, and part of what we do is actually,  we give them a number of areas to rotate through, and by the end of the program it gives them a good idea as to  what goes on in different areas.”Daniel Carrier, CEO of TCI Hospitals reported that 80% manpower at their facilities is TCI, but it drops to 35% when it comes to the technical areas.  “It’s very important for us to have a comprehensive manpower plan where we can accommodate these people when they have graduated and bring them back to their country of origin here in the TCI so they can work gainfully and be part of the healthcare team.”Health Minister Edwin Astwood says this clinical experience gives TCI medical scholars an edge even at the tertiary level.  “When I first did Medical Technology at the University of Medical Technology in Jamaica, the top students were those who had that experience.”  The Minister gave high commendation to the 17 rotations which the select students will be exposed to and calls for the program’s originator, Dr. Jameiko Harvey to add special needs and care for the elderly to the curriculum to potentially inspire careers for those sectors.   Education Minister Josephine Connolly endorsed the program and agreed that students taking part in the Clinical Exploration TCI Ready Observership program are more likely to get a TCIG scholarship.  Flow was also on hand as a major monetary sponsor of the program. #MagneticMediaNews#TCIReadyprogramlaunch Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApplast_img read more

Melco boss Lawrence Ho hails G2E Asia Awards success

first_img Load More RelatedPosts Evan Winkler appointed President as Melco Resorts implements latest management overhaul JW Marriott at Galaxy Macau named venue and Galaxy Entertainment Group named Venue Sponsor for 2019 Asian Gaming Power 50 Black Tie Gala Dinner Melco Resorts & Entertainment Chairman and CEO Lawrence Ho has praised his company’s efforts after taking down two major accolades at last week’s G2E Asia Awards at The Parisian Macao.Melco won the awards for Best Corporate Social Responsibility Contribution as well as Best IR Non-Gaming Attraction for The House of Dancing Water at a glitzy gala dinner on the first night of G2E Asia 2019. Melco International Development grants Evan Winkler HK$269 million share options “We are thrilled to receive this prestigious recognition from G2E Asia Awards,” Ho said in a statement. “Both awards further underpin Melco’s position as a leading integrated resort operator globally that constantly strives to excel in what we offer to our guests while giving back to our local community.“These two awards recognize the dedication our colleagues have for delivering pioneering and industry-leading entertainment while always dedicating ourselves to helping those around us in society.”Melco noted that the Best CSR Contribution award recognized the wide array of CSR programs Melco offers that encompasses environmental responsibility, responsible gaming, women’s initiatives, youth programs, education and developmental programs, and cultural and heritage preservation.The Best IR Non-Gaming Attraction award lauded the world’s largest water-based extravaganza, having been seen by around 5.8 million people since debuting in 2010.The G2E Asia Awards are co-organized by G2E Asia and Inside Asian Gaming.last_img read more

Kenai Man Sentenced For Possession Of Child Pornography

first_imgAccording to court documents, Miller previously plead guilty on September 25, 2017, to possession of child pornography – access with intent to view. On May 18, 2016, Miller became the subject of a federalinvestigation after law enforcement officials received images depicting child sexual exploitation, whichwere shared by Miller using the Bittorrent peer-to-peer file-sharing network. Miller was previously adjudicated in 2005 for the sexual abuse of several children. At sentencing in this matter, Judge Burgess noted the seriousness of the images in this case and of his prior conduct. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享A Kenai man was sentenced in federal court today, January 29, in Anchorage for possessing images of child pornography. A search warrant was executed on Miller’s Kenai residence, where law enforcement had seized Miller’s computer. Located on Miller’s computer were approximately 36 images depicting the sexual exploitation of children under 12. Phillip Miller, 27, of Kenai, was sentenced today by Chief U.S. District Judge Timothy M. Burgess, to serve six years in prison, followed by a lifetime term of supervised release.last_img read more

Have 42000 Buy a Magazine

first_imgThe auction, according to the listing on eBay, is open until January 13. So far, there are no bidders.Double Jump isn’t the first publisher in recent weeks to resort to drastic measures to sell off a magazine property in a hurry. Alpinist, a 9,000-circulation quarterly about alpine-style mountain climbing which ceased publication in October, was apparently sold via a “live phone auction” for $71,000. It has come to this.Double Jump Publishing, the owners of national video game enthusiast magazine Hardcore Gamer, have put the magazine on the block—on eBay. The starting bid? A mere $42,000.“You will be buying the copyrights, registered trademark rights, intellectual property rights, back issues, subscription lists, customer lists, vendor lists, employee contracts, distribution contacts, public relations contacts, advertising contacts, web sites and domain names associated with Hardcore Gamer, including and around thirty other domain names,” the post reads. The buyer can even use the monthly magazine’s existing employees, consultants, sales people and management to help train them to run the business.last_img read more

Students demand buses to rural areas in Srikakulam

first_imgSrikakulam: Students belong to Srikurmam grama panchayat and surrounding villages in Gara mandal staged a dharna in front of the RTC complex on Monday protesting the officials’ negligence in plying buses to their villages. They raised slogans against RTC officials and demanded to ply buses to villages as the RTC issued student passes to them. They also said that they were facing a lot of inconvenience due to lack of buses during peak hours and losing valuable classes and attendance.Speaking on the occasion, the students expressed dissatisfaction over RTC officials’ attitude towards rural area passengers. Later they submitted a memorandum to the RTC officials to take favourable steps in this regard.last_img read more

Gold stuck near threemonth low as US interest rate hike looms

first_imgGold was mired near a three-month low on Tuesday on expectations the U.S. Federal Reserve was well on track to raise interest rates before the end of the year.A forecast-beating U.S. October employment report on Friday pushed up bets that the Fed will increase interest rates in December for the first time in nearly a decade, weighing on the price of non-interest bearing gold.”Gold will stay below $1,100 as the interest rate hike becomes more and more imminent,” said Mark To, head of research at Hong Kong’s Wing Fung Financial Group.Spot gold was little changed at $1,092.60 an ounce by 0241 GMT. Bullion ended an eight-day losing run on Monday, but not enough to pull it far away from Friday’s low of $1,084.90, its weakest since Aug. 7.Following bullion’s recent steep drop, MKS Group trader James Gardiner said “a bounce, or at least a consolidation, is well overdue”. He pegged the next support level for gold at around $1,074 and then at $1,050.The dollar hovered just below a seven-month peak against a basket of major currencies, having consolidated its payrolls-inspired rally in a subdued session overnight. [USD/]U.S. gold for December delivery gained 0.4 percent to $1,091.90 an ounce.After a potential rate hike in December, the U.S. central bank may take its time in raising rates further which should be broadly supportive for gold, said INTL FCStone analyst Edward Meir.But Meir said the metal faces more weakness in the near term and “poor technicals and a buoyant dollar do not help gold’s upside case much either”.While the market braces for a U.S. rate hike, a consensus is forming at the European Central Bank to take the interest rate it charges banks to park money deeper into negative territory in December, in a move that could weaken the euro and push up inflation. [nL8N134447]Spot platinum slipped 0.3 percent to $907.55 an ounce after coming close to Monday’s one-month low $904.75.last_img read more

Grab close to buying Ubers Southeast Asia business Report

first_imglReutersRide-hailing service provider Grab is close to buying Uber Technologies Inc’s Southeast Asia business, Bloomberg reported on Thursday.Singapore-based Grab may sign a deal this week or next, the report said citing people familiar with the matter.Under terms of the proposed agreement, Grab would buy out Uber’s operations in certain markets in Southeast Asia and Uber will take a stake in Grab, according to the report.The structure of the deal would be similar to the one Uber struck with China’s Didi Chuxing in 2016, when the San Francisco-based company sold its local operation in exchange for a stake in the company, the report said.The  report comes as the ride-hailing giant is slowly curtailing its Southeast Asia operations to boost fledgling growth.SoftBank Group-backed Uber have had issues with some local regulators, including more recently in the Philippines, and seeing a slew of exits by senior executives in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and India.Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi last month said that the company could turn profitable if it cut costs of its business such as operating in developing markets.Grab has separately been in discussions with existing backers, including SoftBank Group Corp., and new investors for additional capital, according to the Bloomberg report.last_img read more

Skeletons found in pit in France offer evidence of Neolithic warfare

first_img © 2015 At the bottom of the 2 meter deep pit, the researchers report, were the scattered pieces and bits of hand bones, along with seven human arms, all from the left side of the body. On top of those were piled the full skeletal remains of one woman, two men and four children. Just one of the skeletons had an arm missing—one of the males, but it was not yet known if one of the arms underneath was his. The condition of the skeletons, the team suggests, indicates that the bones once belonged to people who were killed in some type of warfare—there was damage that appeared inflicted by axes or other such implements. Testing of the bones indicated they were all from a period between 5,500 and 6,500 years ago, putting them in the Neolithic period. A layer of sediment was on top of the skeletons and on top of that was the skeleton of another woman, whose body had clearly been put there long after the bones underneath.The team notes that there was also a piece of jewelry among the skeletons, an arrowhead, a pig jaw bone and the skeletons of two hares, which the group notes, might have simply fallen in the pit and died because they could not jump out. General view of pit 157 (a); and plan of the complete or almost complete bodies (b). Credit: Antiquity (2015). DOI: 10.15184/aqy.2015.180 Citation: Skeletons found in pit in France offer evidence of Neolithic warfare (2015, December 14) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Such pits were not unusual for the time the researchers point out, what is new is that the bones appear to have belonged to victims of warfare and that there was a collection of severed arms. The researchers suggest the severed arms might have been part of a trophy collection, though they note that it would represent the first evidence of such a practice for the people of that time period. Taken together, the evidence rules out the placement of the arm bones and skeletal remains as part of a funerary process, they add. More information: Fanny Chenal et al. A farewell to arms: a deposit of human limbs and bodies at Bergheim, France, c. 4000 BC, Antiquity (2015). DOI: 10.15184/aqy.2015.180AbstractBetween c. 4500 and 3500 BC, the deposition of human remains within circular pits was widespread throughout Central and Western Europe. Attempts at forming explanatory models for this practice have proven difficult due to the highly variable nature of these deposits. Recent excavations at Bergheim in Alsace have revealed a particularly unusual variant of this phenomenon featuring a number of amputated upper limbs. The evidence from this site challenges the simplicity of existing interpretations, and demands a more critical focus on the archaeological evidence for acts of systematic violence during this period. Examples of chop marks on left humeral shafts (scale-bar = 10mm; black bar = 5mm). Credit: Antiquity (2015). DOI: 10.15184/aqy.2015.180center_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. (—A small team of researchers from several institutions in France, studying 6000 year-old skeletal remains found in a pit in eastern France is reporting that the remains included a bottom layer of just arm bones and a top layer consisting of the full skeletons of several adults and children. In their paper published in the journal Antiquity, the researchers describe the arrangement of the bones and their condition and offer some ideas regarding how the bones likely came to be in the pit. Explore further New research effort claims King Phillip II buried in Tomb I not Tomb II Journal information: Antiquitylast_img read more

United States led air strikes hit Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria

first_imgThe Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a monitoring group, said the strikes were on an office and a vehicle in Idlib province in northwest Syria, where last week the group routed Western-backed Syrian rebels.Residents said one strike targeted a car used by Nusra commanders, near an internet cafe in the Nusra-controlled town of Sarmada close to the Turkish border.A rebel from another Western-backed group operating in northern Syria confirmed the air strikes on the Nusra Front and hardline Islamist group Ahrar al-Sham near the border with Turkey, and said they took place at around 1 a.m.‘The strength of strikes and their accuracy confirms that they were carried out by the alliance,’ the rebel said, speaking on condition of anonymity.The Nusra Front vehicle struck in the attack had been carrying ammunition, he said. In neighbouring Harem, residents said at least four children had been killed and dozens injured in an attack they believed was launched by the coalition.The Observatory also reported the first air strikes against Ahrar al-Sham.Residents around the rebel-held Bab al-Hawa border crossing, a strategic gateway to Turkey, said a missile flattened the group’s headquarters nearby and killed Abu al-Nasr, the head of its arms procurement division.Rami Abdulrahman, head of the Observatory, said it marked the second time the Nusra Front had been hit in the U.S.-led campaign. The first was on Sept. 23, the first day of U.S. air strikes in Syria, which are part of Washington’s strategy to ‘degrade and destroy’ Islamic State.Nusra, which has been trying with allies to remove its name from the U.N. terrorist list, was taken by surprise when coalition warplanes bombed several of its positions then. Several commanders are believed to have been killed in the September strikes, including Kuwaiti-born Mohsin al-Fadhli — also known as Abu Asmaa al-Jazrawi — reputedly a former member of Osama bin Laden’s inner circle.Nusra Front last week seized control of areas of Idlib province from Western-backed rebel leader Jamal Maarouf, head of the Syria Revolutionaries’ Front in northern Syria, confiscating its weapons.last_img read more

Open letter to folks waving their LGBTI kid off to college for

first_imgeTN Chatroom for Readers (join us) It’s time for students to head to college (Photo: Scott Webb | Unsplash) Congratulations and commiserations: Your child is heading off to university or college. Well done on helping them through their school years. Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… These gay people reveal how India forces them to live secret double livesRepublican politician caught on tape implying orphanges are better than LGBTI adoptionThese Christian moms think loving their gay kids is exactly what God wantsRead the full article on Gaystarnews:  : Commiserations? Well, although some may relish watching their kids move out, for others, waving a child goodbye can be a heartbreaking. Cutting the apron strings can be a challenge.It can represent the end of one stage of your ‘family’ life and an evolution in family dynamics. Your child is becoming an adult.If your kid falls on the LGBTI spectrum, sending them out into the unknown can seem particularly scary. You may already struggle to understand their feelings. Thoughts of ‘Who are they going to hang out with?’; ‘What clubs are they going to go to?’; ‘What will they get up to?’ might be keeping you awake at night.This is pretty common for any parent waving their kid off to college, but even more so for the straight parents of LGBTI kids. ‘Will they be safe?’ is a thought paramount in most parents’ mind.I escaped my small hometown as soon as I was able to get away at 18. I headed straight for college in London. To say that I was ready to kick down that closet door would be an understatement. This was at the height of the AIDS epidemic. No wonder my parents worried. Looking back, they had good reason to do so.I have heard many stories about gay kids feeling alienated from their families. Countless times, queer people celebrate the family they find or create for themselves, as an alternative to their blood family.To a degree, this is inevitable. New, important and strong friendships will be forged at college. But why does this become so important to LGBTI kids? It’s because we find people who have shared the same experiences of us; people who have tasted the same oppression and discrimination.We find others with whom we feel safe to confide our fears, feelings and fantasies – without judgment. We find people who validate us, when we may not have felt validated before.I hope this doesn’t apply to you. I hope that you have always strived to make your child feel worthy and validate, supported and loved. But if in doubt or uncertain, below are just a few pieces of advice to bear in mind.Tell your child you love themThis may sound obvious or you may feel it unnecessary. It may not come naturally. But your child may be living away from home for the first time. It’s daunting and they can feel lost. Reminding them they are loved – either at the end of a phone call or text message – helps.You can never remind someone often enough that they are loved. Period.Show interest in their friendships but don’t demand answers to everythingLet them discuss the things they are comfortable discussing. Sure, if they’re asking for financial assistance every other week, you’re entitled to ask how they’re spending their money. But if they happen to drop into the conversation a new friend, don’t push to know the nature of their relationship.If they want to introduce a new partner to you, allow them to do it at their own pace. GAYSTARNEWS- Accept the fact they will likely meet people onlineOK, you probably don’t like to think about your precious boy hooking up with someone on Grindr or Tinder. But it’s also quite likely.Nowadays, meeting people online is common, whatever your sexuality. A recent survey found that 1 in 5 people who were engaged met their partner online. This is likely to be even higher for LGBTI people.If your child tells you they met someone online, you really don’t need to know which app or site they used, so don’t ask unless they want to share.Ensure they know about app safety, and that it’s best to meet in a public place, etc. But don’t freak out if they tell you they’re going on an internet date. Online is where we meet up, these days.Make sure they are aware of their sexual healthOK, this is usually a very awkward conversation for any parents and offspring to have. But it’s important. And even if your kid resists getting into such conversations, they will go away knowing that you at least care.If your child is gay, sex is something that you might not want to think about. But it’s not taught in schools and so we stumble into it pretty much in the dark or picking up our cues from pornography. It’s a less than ideal situation.Do they know about protection? Does your son know how to use a condom? Have they heard about PrEP? Actually, have you heard about PrEP? (it’s a course of medication available in some countries that will stop the taker acquiring HIV). Have they had hepatitis or HPV vaccinations?Your gay or queer kid is unlikely to come to you for their sexual health information. And that’s OK. But raising the issue may at least plant the seed in their mind that it’s something to think about. And it again reinforces the fact that you care about their wellbeing.Speak to others in the same situationFeeling alone or lost as the parent of an LGBTI child? You’re most certainly not alone. PFLAG (originally Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) has networks across the US and in a handful of other countries. Even if it’s not active in your location, it has plenty of online resources and publications.You maybe think you understand your child better than anyone else. Your relationship with them is unique and will be unlike any other in their lives. But that doesn’t mean you understand the support they might need as a young LGBTI adult.If in doubt, just keep talking to them. And keep reminding them they are loved.@davidhudson_ukGot a news tip? Want to share your story? Email us .last_img read more

Kenya Chinese man fined 230K for ivory traffic

first_imgNAIROBI, Kenya (AP) – A Kenyan court on Tuesday ordered a Chinese man to pay $230,000 in fines or be jailed seven years for ivory smuggling in the first of what will likely be many cases as authorities implement a stringent new law to deter illegal trading in wildlife products.The 40-year-old man, Tang Yong Jian, had pleaded guilty to being in possession of raw ivory valued at $6,000 after being arrested at the international airport in the capital, Nairobi, on Jan. 18. He had been traveling from Mozambique to the Chinese city of Guangzhou. Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement 5 ways to recognize low testosterone Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility About 70 years ago, up to 5 million elephants are estimated to have roamed sub-Saharan Africa. Today fewer than a million remain. Much of the harvested ivory ends up as small trinkets.(Copyright 2014 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) New Valley school lets students pick career-path academiescenter_img Top Stories “We welcome this sentence. It’s the first of its kind since the enactment of the new wildlife (law), and we are sure this will pass a deterrent out to would-be poachers to ensure we can now therefore save the endangered species in this country,” he said.Amid big seizures of illegal ivory over years, Kenyan lawmakers last year began working on a new wildlife law that came into effect earlier this month. Most of the ivory impounded in Kenya last year originated from across Africa, including countries such as South Africa and Cameroon, according to wildlife officials.Much of the demand for ivory is in Asia, especially China, luring poachers across Africa to slay the giants and cut out their tusks for rewards far beyond the daily wage. In Hong Kong, government warehouses are holding more than 30 metric tons of ivory seized since 2008, one of the world’s biggest stockpiles of elephant tusks. Ivory is known as “white gold” because of the rich prices it commands on the black market, and a 2011 report by the International Fund for Animal Welfare said buyers in China were paying up to $2,400 a kilogram.The illegal ivory trade has more than doubled since 2007, according to CITES, the international body that monitors endangered species. Sponsored Stories Top holiday drink recipes Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help In another courtroom Tuesday, a Kenyan man faced up to 5 years in jail if he failed to pay nearly $12,000 in fines for illegal possession of lovebirds. Another Chinese man also was set to be charged Tuesday over alleged ivory smuggling after being arrested Monday night as he flew in from Congo en route to China.African countries face a monumental battle to save their endangered wildlife species, and Kenya has been among the hardest hit as poachers increasingly target elephants and rhinos. Poaching deaths of elephants and rhinos are increasing across Africa, animal experts say, because of increased demand in Asia for rhino horns and elephant ivory. Police in the West African nation of Togo said Tuesday they had seized 1,689 kilograms (3,723 pounds or 1.8 tons) of elephant tusks _twice the amount seized there last August _concealed in a container destined for Vietnam.In Kenya, where big ivory seizures are frequently reported, the case of Tian had been closely followed by conservationists who hope a tough new law will reverse years of gradual loss of wildlife populations through rampant poaching and illegal smuggling, often with the help of corrupt local officials.The decision Tuesday would deter potential smugglers and poachers, said Paul Muya, a spokesman for the Kenya Wildlife Service.last_img read more