Pension dashboard: UK to force pension funds to provide data

first_imgSource: UK parliamentAmber Rudd, UK secretary of state for work and pensionsRudd added that the dashboard project would eventually “enable people to access their pension information in a single place online, in a clear and simple form”.“Putting individuals in control of their data, pensions dashboards will bring together all pensions information from multiple sources, which can then be accessed at a time of their choosing,” she said. “Our priority is to ensure that information is presented securely, in a clear and simple format to support consumers with their retirement planning.”In its report, the DWP said it expected multiple dashboards to become available from commercial and non-commercial providers, but emphasised that all models would be based on the same “digital architecture” and would display “the same basic information from the same number of schemes”.The department also outlined its expectations for data security, user testing, system design and how each party in the system would be held accountable for providing data.How the industry reacted“After years of talk about the pension dashboard we need to ensure that what is delivered meets people’s expectations from the start. If done properly the dashboard will give people a full understanding of what they have saved. If it is rushed, or we don’t have all interested parties on board from the beginning, there is a risk that we will not be able to deliver something meaningful or credible and the opportunity to engage people will be lost.“In addition, the government’s plan to provide a link to state pension is simply not good enough – pressure needs to be put on HM Revenue & Customs to get the state pension data integrated from day one if the dashboard is to work. The opportunity presented by the dashboard is too important to be lost – we must get it right first time.”– Helen Morrissey, pension specialist, Royal London “This response from the government marks the beginning of the next phase of the pensions dashboard. But let’s not dwell for too long, because we now need to get our collective heads down and crack on if we’re to develop something that really delivers for pension savers.“As always there is a balance to be struck between innovation and consumer protection, but we think the proposal to permit multiple dashboards is a positive step and dovetails nicely with the modern way in which people manage their finances.”– Darren Philp, director of policy and communication, Smart Pension“The pension dashboard is a real game-changer for customers and their engagement with pensions. The dashboard is essential for those who are actively saving into a pension, and for those who have pensions they are no longer contributing to. People will be able to view all of their pension saving information instantly in one place which will make it easier for them to keep track and plan for their future. In time, this could even see the end of the industry-wide issue of lost pension pots.”– David Woollett, head of customer strategy and oversight, Phoenix“We need the pensions dashboard because we need to bring pensions out of the digital stone age. By doing so, the potential for savers is enormous… It won’t be easy, but the achievement of great things never is. With the government now fully committed, and with a sensible route map to success, all must now move forward with confidence, purpose and ambition.”– Alistair McQueen, head of savings and retirement, Aviva “The pensions dashboard has the potential to fundamentally change the way people think, feel and interact with their pension savings. But simply providing a window to view savings isn’t enough. To tackle the growing challenge of small pension pots, the dashboard needs to be built with the functionality to allow savers to easily consolidate their smallest pots with a simple ‘drag and drop.’“The dashboard will only work if it provides a genuinely holistic view of the entirety of an individual’s pension entitlements, including the state pension. We strongly believe that the dashboard should be compulsory and hope the government can navigate this legislation speedily through the current choppy waters in parliament.”– Adrian Boulding, director of policy, NOW: Pensions UK pension schemes will be legally obliged to provide data to new “pension dashboards” under a proposed government framework published today.The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) said it was “committed to compelling schemes to provide information” through dashboards, and urged pension schemes and providers to begin getting data ready for the first models to be tested this year.A dashboard delivery group will be set up this year under the supervision of the Money and Pensions Service, a government-backed consumer guidance body. This group will then oversee the development of the dashboard project.Legislation would be put to parliament “at the earliest opportunity” to allow for compulsion, the DWP said. Amber Rudd, secretary of state for work and pensions, said in a written statement to parliament this morning that the government expected to see the first workable models developed and tested this year, although pension schemes would be given three or four years to prepare their data for inclusion.center_img The pension dashboard: a roller-coaster journeyThe dashboard concept has had a volatile early-stage development. Last summer, a UK newspaper reported that the previous work and pensions secretary, Esther McVey, was considering ditching the project in favour of other welfare reforms.However, in a remarkable show of support, the pensions sector rallied behind the idea and nearly 90,000 people signed an online petition calling for the government to reconsider. It subsequently backed the dashboard concept but put the emphasis on the industry to develop the models.In a feasibility study published in December, the government made it clear that the pension industry would foot the bill – although chancellor Philip Hammond pledged £5m of government funds to help development work.The Association of British Insurers – which has been leading work on the dashboard concept since 2015, along with technology firm Origo – said in its response to the government’s consultation that dashboards were “seen by the industry as a cost to be incurred for the benefit of consumers”.Nick Reevelast_img read more

Semco Maritime prepares Noble jack-up for cold weather, enters winterization pact

first_imgWinterization exclusivity agreement signed The upgrade project has also formed a new partnership in the industry. Namely, Advanced Mat Systems and Semco Maritime have entered into an exclusive cooperation agreement to strengthen both companies’ growing interest in winterization of rigs as well as other offshore installations developed for operations in cold regions.Under the cooperation agreement, Advanced Mat System will deliver winterization equipment while Semco Maritime conducts surveys and performs project management, including installation. Semco Maritime will hold exclusive rights to buy Advanced Mat Systems’ offshore winterization equipment in specific markets.According to Semco Maritime, the agreement also sets a common goal to improve the effectiveness of winterization measures, ensuring that offshore installations are capable or suitably prepared to operate in cold climates and adhere to the International Maritime Organization IMO’s “Polar Code” requirement and Class Society Winterization Notations and Standards.“To Semco Maritime, this agreement underlines our commitment to go that ‘extra mile’ to secure the best possible solutions for our customers, along with our facility, track record and expertise in upgrading rigs in the North Sea,” says Lars Skov.JP Hawkins, President and CEO, Advanced Mat Systems, said: “As for AMS it is quite simple, AMS is a leading manufacturer of Winterization Solutions and Equipment, Semco Maritime is the nerve center, muscle and expertise that drilling contractors and operators trust and rely on globally. This cooperation allows us as a network to provide the most comprehensive winterization solution, service and support package available anywhere in the world today.” Project engineering company Semco Maritime has completed a winterization provisioning on a Noble Corp.-owned jack-up for future deployment to a cold-weather climate. The order follows an exclusive partnership agreement with offshore winterization supplier Advanced Mat Systems (AMS), Semco Maritime said on Thursday.The winterization work was completed at Semco Maritime’s Queens Dock facility at Invergordon, Scotland. The work included Arctic Pads, heat tracing and insulation, injector head skidding systems, installation of various fluid transfer systems as well as enhancing pollution control measures.The highly specialized job has been conducted by a 100-man project team collated from Semco Maritime departments all over the world, mainly United States, Denmark and the UK.“Semco Maritime’s installation of Arctic Pads provides a modernized solution to the challenge of providing a durable, non-slip surface for cold environments,” says Project Director Hatem Elgamiel, Noble Drilling Services Inc.“We are pleased that Noble Corporation has chosen us for this complex scope of work. Winterization rig-upgrade and maintenance is a highly specialized area, which demands deep knowledge and experience in order to deliver upgraded rigs that are durable and safe in cold regions,” says Senior Vice President Lars Skov, Semco Maritime Rig Projects.last_img read more

Heavy Marijuana Use May Reduce Your Brain’s Dopamine Release

first_imgPsychology Today 15 April 2016Family First Comment: In a statement regarding the most recent study on heavy cannabis use and dopamine release, Jeffrey Lieberman MD, Chair of Psychiatry at CUMC and past president of the American PsychiatricAssociation, concluded, “these findings add to the growing body of research demonstrating the potentially adverse effects of cannabis, particularly in youth, at the same time that government policies and laws are increasing access and use.”   Yep!The March 2016 study, “Deficits in Striatal Dopamine Release in Cannabis Dependence (link is external),” was published in Molecular Psychiatry. For this study, an international team of researchers used positron emission tomography (PET) brain scans to track a radiolabelled molecule that binds to dopamine receptors in the brain. The scientists specifically measured dopamine release in the striatum and its subregions.The brain scans identified that severe marijuana dependence (now referred to as cannabis use disorder) is associated with a reduced release of dopamine within the striatum. The striatum is a brain region involved in working memory, impulsive behavior, and attention.The researchers believe that lower dopamine release within the striatum may be linked to the greater emotional withdrawal and inattention observed in marijuana-dependent study participants. Previous studies have found that addiction to other drugs, such as cocaine and heroin, have similar effects on dopamine release. However, this is the first study to provide evidence that heavy cannabis use may reduce dopamine release.In the brain, dopamine functions as a neurotransmitter which helps control the brain’s pleasure and reward centers. Dopaminergic pathways are neural pathways that transmit dopamine from one region of the brain to another. Dopamine drives reward-motivated behavior and helps us regulate movement and emotional responses.Dopamine not only enables someone to identify rewards, it gives him or her the oomph to seize the day and achieve goals. People with low levels of dopamine are statistically more prone to drug abuse, addiction, and amotivational syndrome (link is external).In the most recent study, the cannabis users had significantly lower dopamine release in the striatum, including subregions involved in associative and sensorimotor learning. The researchers also explored the relationship between dopamine release in key areas of the striatum and cognitive performance on learning and working memory tasks. Lower dopamine release was associated with subpar performance on both tasks.In a statement regarding the most recent study on heavy cannabis use and dopamine release, Jeffrey Lieberman (link is external), MD, Chair of Psychiatry at CUMC and past president of the American Psychiatric Association, concluded, “these findings add to the growing body of research demonstrating the potentially adverse effects of cannabis, particularly in youth, at the same time that government policies and laws are increasing access and use.”READ MORE: up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.last_img read more

Health center to open doors in spring ’13

first_imgUSC broke ground on the v on Tuesday.The $15 million health center will open in spring 2013 on the north side of campus along Jefferson Boulevard, near Fluor Tower, and will reflect USC’s traditional architecture with a greco-roman style.Digging · Several administrators, including President C. L. Max Nikias, attended the groundbreaking ceremony for the new health center. – Photo courtesy of Joel Zink President C. L. Max Nikias said the five-story, 101,000-square foot center will have space for specialized health practitioners, not just general physicians, and will be able to serve an increasingly residential campus.“We need an institution that is worthy of our world-class university,” Nikias said at the groundbreaking ceremony.Lawrence Neinstein, executive director of the University Park Health Center, said a new health center has been needed for approximately 15 years; the current one opened in 1951.“[This] immense gift will enhance the health and wellness of our current students, our staff and faculty and our future Trojans for decades to come,” Neinstein said.Michele Engemann, a 1968 graduate of the School of Theatre alumna and daughter of baseball coach Rod Dedeaux, said she recalls using the current health center when she was a student at USC.“I have friends who have grandchildren that go here,” Engemann said at the groundbreaking ceremony. “We are now into our third generation of students using that same facility. Roger and I have a keen understanding that this [new] building is needed and needed now, especially as USC becomes a more residential university and expects the health needs of students, grad students and faculty living and working in our campus community.”Former Undergraduate Student Government President Chris Cheng said development of a new health center was one of students’ primary requests during his campaign for office last year.“You truly couldn’t have picked a more significant issue to address the needs of the USC student body,” Cheng said at the groundbreaking ceremony. “Undergraduates spend a lot of time together in very, very, very close-quartered living spaces … The spirit of that community builds life-long relationships, but can also foster influenza.”Natalie Morin, a freshman majoring in print and digital journalism, said the current health center’s physical structure undermines its credibility.“The Health Center is so … small that I don’t feel like I’m going to get the care I need,” Morin said. “It’s not because of the doctors or the staff, but because the building is just so small and dated.”last_img read more

SAI redesigns curriculum for NSNIS diploma courses to meet athletes’ needs

first_img 1 month ago Sai Tamhankar resumes ‘Maharashtrachi Hasyajatra’ shooting; shares pic with Prasad Oak Last Updated: 7th August, 2020 11:51 IST SAI Redesigns Curriculum For NSNIS Diploma Courses To Meet Athletes’ Needs Aiming to provide new skills to coaches in line with the evolving needs of athletes, the SAI has redesigned its curriculum for NSNIS diploma courses WATCH US LIVE 1 month ago 258 athletes shortlisted in 12 disciplines for SAI’s TOPS Junior Press Trust Of India 1 month ago SAI forms sub-committee to strengthen quality of its faculties at all NIS Centres SUBSCRIBE TO US 1 month ago India not to take part in women’s world team squash championship LIVE TVcenter_img Written By WE RECOMMEND Aiming to provide new skills to coaches in line with the evolving needs of athletes, the Sports Authority of India (SAI) has redesigned its curriculum for NSNIS diploma and strengthening faculty at National Centre for Sports Coaching.The 27th Academic Council of SAI has taken some key decisions in its recent council meeting. They were aimed at promoting sporting excellence by strengthening the already existing system at the NCSC.”The syllabus structure and contents of the premiere course at NSNIS Patiala, Diploma course in Sports Coaching, have been revised after wide consultations with all relevant stakeholders, including the National Sporting Federations of the sporting disciplines.”It has also been decided that in view of the COVID pandemic the first semester of the Diploma course will be held online,” the SAI said in a statement.An expert sub-committee has also been formed to take steps towards strengthening the quality of the faculty at SAI’s National Institute of Sports in Patiala, Kolkata, Bengaluru and Trivandrum.”This expert committee will screen the existing faculty and recommend new and future faculty and guest teachers so that a pool of outstanding experts can be created.”Besides, a decision was also taken to continue with the six-week certificate course of the coaches education programme online for grassroot-level and developmental coaches keeping the pandemic in mind. Image credits: PTI / Social Media First Published: 7th August, 2020 11:51 IST FOLLOW US 1 month ago National hockey camp in SAI Bengaluru gets official nod COMMENTlast_img read more

Angels’ Shohei Ohtani not satisfied with his first bullpen session but Martin Maldonado is impressed

first_imgTEMPE, Ariz. — The December day the Angels learned that Shohei Ohtani had picked them, Martin Maldonado immediately asked the Angels to send him some video.On Thursday, the Angels catcher finally got to experience what he’d seen in the five games he studied over the winter.“The way the ball came out of his hand and the way he back-spinned the ball to me, I was impressed,” Maldonado said after catching Ohtani’s first bullpen session of spring training on Thursday. “He’s going to be something to watch.”Ohtani threw about 35 pitches in two sessions, taking a break in between to simulate multiple innings. He threw all his pitches: a fastball, splitter, slider and curveball, Maldonado said. “They were all good,” he said. “He wasn’t happy at the beginning, but after that he made some adjustments and started executing better.”Ohtani later described the session in a 10-minute press conference, the first of what are expected to be daily briefings in the auxiliary media tent constructed in the parking lot.Speaking through an interpreter, Ohtani said he “wasn’t satisfied” with his session, but he didn’t mind because it’s still early.“I’m obviously not at my peak performance yet,” he said, adding that he didn’t throw at full intensity either because he could be facing hitters this weekend.By throwing a bullpen session and then taking normal batting practice, Ohtani had another busy day. The Angels plan to keep track of every swing he takes, throughout the season, to manage his workload. General Manager Billy Eppler said Ohtani will not take batting practice on the days he is pitching in games. As for the other days, it will be a work in progress.“Every morning there is an assessment, subjective and objective, and that’s going to drive what he does that particular day,” Eppler said.center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

For MLB broadcasters, road games in 2020 could be out of the park

first_imgIn the spirit of safety, other measures could change the television experience for fans. Dugout reporters and pre- and post-game shows, for instance, might be reserved for home games only. Production crews might stay home as well, a common practice for Angels games on Fox Sports West in spring training. SportsNet LA assigns a smaller production truck with all the necessary crew to the Dodgers’ spring training games compared to its regular season broadcasts.For many announcers and fans, remote broadcasting is nothing new. From 1997-2001, Mota called nationally televised games in Spanish from the Fox studio on Pico Blvd. in Century City. He’s also called World Series games and a Super Bowl in Spanish off a remote monitor. ESPN’s Jon Sciambi has been broadcasting live Korea Baseball Organization games off a remote monitor for weeks.“The toughest thing is, you don’t have a view of the field,” Mota recalled of his experience calling games remotely for Fox. “You’ve got to make (the broadcast) as flowing as possible.”These are relatively minor restrictions for a veteran broadcaster. Still, some clubs have been quicker than others to embrace the full-on travel ban for its broadcasters – a precaution the league discussed with teams weeks ago.Related Articles Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Error Angels offense breaks out to split doubleheader with Astros The Angels were playing the A’s in Oakland on the afternoon of June 8, 2008. The score was tied 3-3 in the 12th inning when something happened to forever sear a benign Sunday game in the memory of Jose Mota.Mota was sitting in the KWKW (1330-AM) radio studio in Hollywood. That season, the Angels’ Spanish-language broadcasters did not travel with the team to road games. Mota was grounded. He followed the game with one eye on a television monitor. His computer screen showed MLB’s Gameday feed. His ears were tuned to the sound of the crowd. Suddenly the monitor cut out – and the Coliseum erupted in a roar.“Something great has happened for the A’s,” Mota announced, blindly, by his own recollection. “Mark Ellis appears to be the hero.”Ten seconds later, Mota said, the Gameday feed revealed what the English-language radio and television audiences already knew. Jose Suarez’s rocky start sinks Angels in loss to Astros “… and it’s a grand slam for Mark Ellis!”Twelve years later, Mota remembers that moment, which amounts to a remote broadcaster’s worst nightmare. Now, with the Covid-19 outbreak postponing the 2020 season and forcing baseball to improvise on myriad levels, teams are expected to ground their broadcast teams for road games again.That decision hasn’t been made final. Neither have many of the essential terms of a new season – when it will begin, when it will end, or if it can be played at all. For now, broadcasters are bracing for a season in which “life on the road” means commuting to a ballpark or a television studio when their team is out of town.Angels broadcaster Jose Mota has some experience calling games from remote locations, and may need to draw on that his summer. (SCNG file photo by Mark Rightmire)The Angels’ broadcasters are preparing to call away games from a remote studio; Fox Sports has studio locations in Los Angeles and San Diego. The Dodgers haven’t decided whether their broadcasters will call games from Spectrum SportsNet LA’s studio in El Segundo or from an otherwise empty Dodger Stadium.Major League Baseball and the MLB Players’ Association are currently negotiating the terms of a potential 2020 season. The final terms are expected to prohibit fans from attending games in person, as a precaution against spreading the novel coronavirus. Clippers, Mavericks brace for the unknown in Game 4 Mike Trout, with bat and glove, helps Angels end losing streak Angels’ Shohei Ohtani spending downtime working in outfield last_img read more

PNC is corrupt, kleptocratic, and too dangerous for Guyana

first_imgDear EditorPerusing the list of delinquent public officials who failed to make an integrity declaration of information of public importance, as per the Integrity Act, No. 20 of 1997, one finds an obscure name on that list: MR MAX MOHAMMED, who is given the designation of Technical Advisor on Oil and Gas to the President.Who is Max Mohammed? In 1985, a man named Robert Gangadeen, with financial support from the United States and allegedly with connections to some Washington DC types, formed a pro-American political party called the United Republican Party (URP). He later joined forces with another political party – the Guyana People’s Party (GPP) — also funded from similar sources in the Washington DC area, and connected to rogue military groups aligned to people close to the group that fronted for one Colonel (Rtd) Oliver North. The common theme of these fringe political parties was stance against communism and socialism, and their commitment to deny a potential PPP Government the right to assume office in the 1990 elections. Leslie Ramsammy and his National Republican Party (NRP) later joined this group. Mr Robert Gangadeen died, Max Mohammed was pushed out, and Leslie Ramsammy won the leadership of the now combined force called the URP, which continues to secure its funding from this anti-communist, right-wing extremist outfit in Washington DC.As the history went, Leslie Ramsammy flipped on his donor and joined the PPP. Max Mohammed regained control of the party, and recruited one Vishnu Bandu, a real estate man from Queens who does not have the best of images in the Richmond Hill community for his business dealings. These people were also connected to Nanda K Gopaul, who later also flipped on the American funders and became a PPP Minister.Why is this message important? The URP! The URP is today selling itself as a group of independents, but one of its principal agents sits as an advisor to President Granger. This is the vehicle the PNC-APNU is using: fund the URP as a means to capture votes that would never come to the PNC now that the AFC is political dead meat. Is this another attempt by the PNC by way of another of its incarnations – APNU, APNU+AFC, JOPP, PNC+URP and so on, playing with the people’s intelligence to trick them into diverting votes away from the PPP? Guyanese, beware of the URP; or, for that matter, any third party, because more than likely they are all being funded in some shape or form by the PNC-led coalition Government.Fact-check situation! I have one question for the Guyana High Commissioner to London, His Excellency Hamley Case. Who was the biggest donor at the PNC fundraiser at your house for the 2015 elections? Was it not this same person Max Mohammed?Do we understand why he has to get a US- dollar high-figure salary today? Is this the payback for the 2015 donation, and also to fund the URP?Isn’t this model the same kind that the PNC used with Mr. Larry Singh? Donate Gy$100 million to the party and in return collect a Bond Contract that will return to you over G$425 million? All in a day’s work as a financier of the PNC… This is the PNC; corrupt, kleptocratic and dangerous for Guyana.Sincerely,Lisa Allylast_img read more

IAAF World Championships London 2017: Liberia’s Representative Finishes at Semi in Men’s 100 Metres

first_imgLiberia’s lone representative at the 2017 IAAF World Championship, Emmanuel Matadi, over the weekend bowed out in the semi-final stage of the Men’s 100m at the Olympic Stadium in London.Matadi, 26, finished 14th overall with a time of 10.20 seconds, finishing below US sprinter Christopher Belcher by 0.002 seconds, after both ran the same time down to hundredths of a second.The young sprinter qualified for the semi-final after finishing as one of the six provisional runners in Heat 1, 0.006 seconds above Barbados’s Ramon Gittens and 0.03 seconds below Cejhae Greene of Antigua & Barbuda.Matadi, who finished 5th in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, enjoyed the preliminaries of the 100m after winning Heat 1 with a time of 10.27s that qualified him alongside Brendon Rodney of Canada and Mart Otieno Odhiambo of Kenya to the next round.According to Liquid Sports in Ghana, following his first race at the event, the Liberian expressed delight after finishing first in the preliminaries. He, however, added that there was a need for improvement. “I wanted to be faster but it’s early days and the first round, so we’ll see what happens next. This race was really just about getting out and getting through, so onto the next,” Matadi told Liquid Sports.The Men’s 100m produced a shocking result after 35 year old Justin Gatlin of the USA finished ahead of 30 year old Usain Bolt, who was running his last 100m, to win the gold medal in 9.92s, with silver going to 22 year old US sprinter Christian Coleman, who finished with a time of 9.94s.A terrible start for Bolt prevented him from making a perfect finish. He clinched bronze in the IAAF 100m, where he has collected 11 golds and two silvers.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) – Advertisement – Liberia’s sprinter Emmanuel Matadi(Photo Credit: Getty Images)last_img read more

Miner stabbed, chopped to death

first_img– shop attendant arrestedOne man is now in Police custody for stabbing to death 27-year-old Mark Jacobus, also called “Dove,” of Aranaputa Valley, North Rupununi, on Friday evening last. In addition to being stabbed, Jacobus was also chopped about his body.Murdered miner Mark Jacobus, a.k.a “Dove”Based on information received, the suspect and the now deceased were imbibing alcohol with several others in a drinking spree when an argument erupted between the suspect and the now dead man.The argument quickly turned into a scuffle, during which the suspect armed himself with a knife and stabbed Jacobus to his head. Not satisfied, the suspect reportedly then chopped Jacobus to his neck, head and other parts of the body. The injured miner was rushed to a health centre at 14 Miles Issano, where he succumbed while receiving medical attention.Police Commander Kevin Adonis told Guyana Times on Sunday that the suspect and the victim had been well-known to each other.“We have the suspect in our custody. He, along with the now deceased, and it is said others too, had been drinking that night at a shop. The suspect is a worker attached to the shop that the incident took place at,” he stated.The Kuribrong area is not new to crimes of a violent nature. Last April, 34-year-old Perion “Redman” Bobb, a driver/mechanic of Lot 23 Caribese Hill, Bartica, was reportedly shot to the stomach at close range, and died immediately.Police had initially said the killers had abducted another man who had been in Bobb’s truck and had reportedly seen when he was shot. That man had allegedly managed to escape and report the incident to the Police.It was later realised that statements given by the miner who had allegedly escaped were “conflicting”, and he was detained by the Police.It is alleged that Bobb and the miner were shuttling dredging equipment in the Kuribrong Backdam when they saw a truck heading towards them. Bobb allegedly stopped his vehicle to allow the other truck to pass, and the men in that truck shot him.last_img read more