Older vehicles in London to be charged more for polluting

first_imgLONDON – Drivers of older, more polluting cars will face an additional charge when entering central London as the city battles air pollution blamed for thousands of premature deaths each year.Starting Monday, cars registered before vehicles were forced to meet new European emissions standards now face a toxicity charge of 10 pounds ($13.50) a day in addition to the congestion charge of 11.50 pounds every time they enter central London. The new rules apply primarily to cars registered before 2006 and may include some registered before 2008.London Mayor Sadiq Khan says he plans to clean up the capital’s air and the so-called T-Charge will “encourage motorists to ditch polluting, harmful vehicles.”The city says almost 95 per cent of Londoners live in areas where particulate pollution exceeds World Health Organization standards.last_img read more

Cautious optimism for 2018 as crude oil hits US60 a barrel

first_imgFor the first time in a long time, crude oil has hit US$60 a barrel.But there needs to be cautious optimism because there are still concerns.Auspice Capital CIO Tim Pickering said 2017 wasn’t a horrible year by any stretch, explaining it was a year of transition.“We saw stability come back into the market,” he explained. “I wouldn’t say that anybody was shooting the lights out so to speak, but as we came out of the summer, we saw good momentum in crude oil and we predicted it would get to 60 bucks.”When he looked at oil from a global perspective, he remained positive.“U.S. inventories have really started to draw, or decrease, so the market is indeed rebalancing,” Pickering said. “The structure of the oil curve, the pricing curve in the future, is such that it disincentivizes storage and it really accelerates withdraws.”Exports to China, the worlds largest importer of oil, are also strong, but export problems due to a lack of pipelines persist which has lead to a discount of about CAN$24 a barrel for Canadian crude.However, Pickering believes even that has lead to some good investment opportunities.“If you get a rally in global crude, it’ll bring Canadian crude up with it, we’re starting from a much lower price point, and so if we get a $10 rally in global crudes and Canadian crude moves up that $10, it’s a much better return given it’s at a lower price,” he said.last_img read more

Sahara Paraguay supports UNbrokered solution respecting Moroccos territorial integrity

Rabat – Paraguay supports a UN-brokered solution respecting the territorial integrity of Morocco, said, on Wednesday in Rabat, speaker of the National Paraguayan Congress Julio César Velasquez Tilleria. We confirm our commitment to strengthening our relations with Morocco and we reiterate our stand over the Sahara issue in favor of a UN-brokered solution that respects the territorial integrity of Morocco in order to reach as soon as possible a solution to this dispute,” Velasquez Tilleria told the press following his meeting with Minister Delegate for Foreign Affairs Mbarka Bouaida.Bouaida recalled that the visit of the Paraguayan official follows the adoption of UNSC resolution 2152 which backs the position of Morocco to find a political solution to the Sahara issue within the framework of the autonomy plan, lauding Paraguay’s unconditional support for Morocco’s territorial integrity. Paraguay is a friendly and very important Latin American country which could play the role of a facilitator in terms of cooperation between Morocco and this region, she added. read more

Financial watchdog to gut most of its payday lending rules

NEW YORK — The nation’s federal financial watchdog said Wednesday that it plans to abolish most of its critical consumer protections governing payday lenders.The move is a major win for the payday lending industry, which argued the government’s regulations could kill off a large chunk of its business. It’s also a big loss for consumer groups, who say payday lenders exploit the poor and disadvantaged with loans that have annual interest rates as much as 400 per cent.The cornerstone of the regulations was a requirement that lenders make sure borrowers could afford to repay a payday loan without being stuck in a cycle of debt, a standard known as “ability to repay.” This standard would be eliminated under the new rules. Another part of the rules, which would have limited the number of payday loans a person could roll over, was also eliminated.Critics of the payday lending industry have argued that without these underwriting standards, the CFPB’s new regulations are effectively toothless. The main criticism of the payday lending industry was that many borrowers would take months to repay a loan that was originally designed only to last a couple of weeks, renewing the loan over and over again.“This proposal is not a tweak to the existing rule … it’s a complete dismantling of the consumer protections (the bureau) finalized in 2017,” said Alex Horowitz, a researcher with Pew Charitable Trusts, a think-tank whose research on the industry was relied on heavily by the bureau when the original rules were unveiled a year and a half ago.The announcement was the first abolition of regulations under the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new director, Kathy Kraninger, who took over the bureau late last year. Mick Mulvaney, who was appointed by President Donald Trump’s as acting director of the bureau in late 2017, announced a year ago that the bureau was intending to revisit the rules. As a Congressman from South Carolina, Mulvaney received tens of thousands of dollars in political donations from the payday lending industry, raising concerns he was too connected to the industry to appropriately regulate it.The Community Financial Services Association of America, a payday lending group, is holding its annual conference in March at Trump’s Doral golf club in Miami. It held its conference there last year, too. Government watchdog groups have criticized the use of Trump hotels and resorts by businesses and lobbying groups as legal bribery, a way to influence regulation and policy by giving money to the president.The CFSA did not respond to an Associated Press request for comment on that criticism, but sent a statement saying it was “disappointed” with certain regulations left intact and that its members were looking forward to returning to the Doral this year.“The venue is popular with our members and it meets our needs,” said CSFA CEO Dennis Shaul.Under the Obama administration, the CFPB spent close to five years working on a process to finally nationalize the regulation of the payday lending industry, which is mostly regulated at the state level. The bureau started the process back in 2012 and its finalized rules were finished in late 2017. It was the last major pieces of regulation done under Richard Cordray, the bureau’s first permanent director, before he left the bureau.“I think this is a bad development for consumers,” Cordray said. “We looked carefully at this industry and there was a common problem of borrowers getting trapped in long-term debt. We had put together what I considered to be a modest proposal. The change is really disappointing and hasty.”CFPB did propose keeping one part of the payday lending regulations: a ban on the industry from making multiple debits on a borrower’s bank account, which consumer advocates argued caused borrowers hardship through overdraft fees. In a statement, the CFSA felt the CFPB’s repeal did not go far enough, and would have wanted the regulations over debits eliminated as well.The proposed new rules are subject to a 90-day comment period by the public. The proposed changes are almost certain to face legal challenges, since the bureau is taking a radical departure from its previous position, which is not something federal regulators are typically allowed to do under law.___AP Business Writer Bernard Condon contributed to this report from New York.___Ken Sweet covers banks and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for The Associated Press. Follow him on Twitter at @kensweet.Ken Sweet, The Associated Press read more

9 Moroccans in Africa Reports Top 50 Influential Businesswomen in Africa

Rabat – The Africa Report magazine has published profiles of the top 50 African influential women in business, including 9 Moroccan businesswomen.The African magazine published the list Tuesday, August 14, and drew up the profiles along with Jeune Afrique and the Africa CEO Forum.The businesswomen “shaped their sectors, helped a new generation of female leaders and improved their firms’ profitability,” according to the monthly magazine. Mama Tajmouati, the most senior businesswomanMorocco’s Mama Tajmouati, 81, was “the most senior businesswoman” to appear on the list, the magazine said.Tajmouati is the CEO of Ynna Holding.  In 2016, she inherited the empire of her husband Miloud Chaabi, a prominent Moroccan businessman in Morocco, and continues to invest. The family business includes more than 30 subsidiaries in sectors of real estate, industry, construction, distribution, agribusiness, renewable energy, and social work.Tajmaouti said in an interview with Telquel that succeeding her husband is “a big responsibility because I must continue his work.”“I was at his side in every step at the creation of his empire, which we built together. So I was involved in every strategic decision.”“Miloud began as a shepherd and became a powerful businessman and a political figure,” she added.In November 2017, Tajmaouti accompanied Morocco’s industry and trade minister and the energy and mines minister to inaugurate two new production units of Gharb Paper Cardboard (known as Gharb Papier and Carton in French), a subsidiary of Ynna Holding, in Kenitra north of Rabat along the Atlantic coast. The plants cost more than MAD 800 million.Salwa Akhannouch, Aksal CEOSalwa Idrissi Akhannouch, the wife of Morocco’s agriculture minister, Aziz Akhannouch, was also honored by the Africa Report. She is the CEO of Aksal Group, a prominent Moroccan company producing luxury products.In 2015, Akhannouch was ranked 8th among the 100 most powerful Arab businesswomen according to Emirati weekly magazine Arabian Business.In October 2017, Akhannouch launched her fine cosmetics and beauty brand “Yan&One” in Casablanca’s “Morocco Mall,” one of Africa’s largest shopping malls.According to the Africa Report, Aksal “owns a 50% stake” in Morocco Mall.Miriem Chaqroun, Oulmes Mineral Water CEOPossibly the most besieged member of the group, businesswoman Miriem Bensalah Chaqroun is the CEO of Oulmes Mineral Water, which includes bottling brands such as Sidi Ali, Oulmes, Bahia, and others. Sidi Ali is among the three companies which many Moroccans have boycotted since April 20.Bensalah-Chaqroun is also the director of Holmarcom Group, a Moroccan company operating in finance, agro-industry, logistics, and real estate. Holmarcom Group was founded by Chaqroun’s deceased father Abdelkader Bensalah in 1978.The businesswoman is also a pilot and golf player, according to the Africa Report.Leading businesswomen of MoroccoAnother notable Moroccan businesswoman, Lamia Tazi, is the general director of Sothema, a Moroccan pharmaceutical company founded by her father, Omar Tazi in 1976. Sothema has seven fabrication pharmaceutical plants in Morocco and one plant in Senegal. Tazi is also the new secretary general of the Moroccan Association of the Pharmaceutical Industry.Saida Karim Lamrani, executive vice president of the Holdings Safari-Sofipar-Cofimar Group which operates in real estate, industry, and finance is also head of the SMEIA car dealership company which “has the import rights for Jaguar, Land Rover, BMW and Mazda automobiles.”Rita Maria Zniber is the CEO of Diana Holding, a Moroccan spirits and agribusiness company, and a majority shareholder of French spirits company Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits.Also on the list are Nadia Fassi-Fehri, CEO of INWI, the royally owned telecommunication company in Morocco; Ghislane Guedira, executive vice president and CFO of OCP Group (Office Chérifien des Phosphates), one of the leading producers and exporters of phosphate in the world; and Ghita Lahlo, director of the international Saham Insurance company and of Casablanca’s Central School for engineering. read more

Fans of NBA could feel impact of China trade wars

NEW YORK — That LeBron James jersey could get a little more expensive.Companies that make clothing and shoes for the National Basketball Association players are in the crosshairs of President Donald Trump’s escalating China trade wars.So, the question is, will American fans of sports stars like Los Angeles Lakers’ James be willing to pay higher prices for the gear?The stakes are high as U.S. sales from sports licensed merchandise including NBA items rang up $21 billion last year, according to Licensing International, a trade group. Sales on NBAStore.com rose 15% during the 12-month period through August, according to the league. And many of the sports brands ranging from Adidas to Puma rely on China for at least some of their sourcing.Moreover, experts worry China could impose penalties on Western brands who sell there at a time when business in that country is exploding. Some also believe U.S. fans might turn to counterfeit merchandise if they don’t want to pay higher prices.“When you raise prices on legitimate goods, you encourage the production of illegitimate goods,” said Steve Lamar, executive vice-president of The American Apparel and Footwear Association, a trade group. “We’re definitely seeing pressure on brands. We’re just waiting for the other basketball shoe to drop.”Until now, consumers were largely spared from higher prices in Trump’s previous round of import taxes. That has changed. Starting Sept. 1, the U .S. government began collecting 15 per cent on $112 billion in Chinese imports, on a wide array of merchandise including basketball jerseys, basketball shoes, basketballs and even hoops. Higher tariffs are set to hit another batch of Chinese products — $160 billion worth on Dec. 15 and include other sports products, according to the American Apparel & Footwear Association.President Trump tweeted Wednesday that planned tariff increases on another $250 billion in Chinese imports, which would include sports bags, would be delayed until Oct. 15, from Oct. 1. Tariff increases are set to go from 25% to 30%.Many sporting goods companies, including Adidas, Under Armour and Spaulding declined to comment on how their business is being affected by the China trade wars. But like many companies, sport brands have been diversifying their sourcing away from China to factories in Vietnam and Bangladesh for the last several years even before escalating tensions between the U.S. and China.Take Puma, which announced earlier this year a new multi-year partnership that will make the international sports brand an official marketing partner of the NBA.“Our sector in China has been very strong. We’ve been growing 15% every quarter,” says Puma U.S. CEO Bjorn Gulden, noting it’s the fastest growing market ahead of the U.S. and Europe.But he added, “Tariffs and trade wars are not good for the market. It carries uncertainty.”Puma has been moving its sourcing out of China over the past two years and now the country accounts for 20 per cent of its overall production. Still, Gulden says costs are going up, and he’s not sure whether the company will have to raise prices.Gulden and others believe that the top end of the market may be less vulnerable than the lower end.For customers who buy sneakers ranging from $150 to $250, an increase may not hurt sales, but that could be a different story for customers who buy shoes in the $60 to $70 range, he said.Still, he says no one “has an appetite for higher prices.”The tensions between the U.S. and China come as many sports brands have been digging deeper into China where basketball is a massive business and the NBA’s fan base is exploding through social media.The good news is that American brands including Nike who sell there say business remains strong and they haven’t seen consumers in China pull back because of the strain.“We have not seen any impact on our business to-date and we continue to see strong momentum as we enter fiscal year 2020, ” Mark G. Parker, chairman, CEO and president of Nike told analysts during a conference call following its fiscal fourth quarter earnings in June. It reported revenue growth in China up 21% this past fiscal year.Nike says it produces about a quarter of its product in China for the globe. However, its exposure in terms of product produced in China to North America is “relatively modest.”There’s a silver lining for sportswear makers to Trump’s trade war with China, however.Puma’s Gulden says that the company is using the same factories in China that used to produce merchandise for the American market for the Chinese market. Previously, factories outside of China produced goods for China. Now, Puma can stay on top of trends faster.“You are much quicker. No duty. No freight, ” Gulden added.___More AP NBA: https://apnews.com/NBA and https://twitter.com/AP_Sports___Follow Anne D’Innocenzio: http://twitter.com/ADInnocenzioAnne D’Innocenzio, The Associated Press read more

Soft and perverse suspended sentence for criminal who dragged police officer along

Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A senior police figure has criticised the “soft and perverse” sentence given to a driver who dragged an officer 200 yards.Jamie Williams, 23, drove off with a policeman hanging out of his car window, causing multiple injuries to the officer.But after Williams was spared jail, John Apter, National Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, criticised the justice system for failing to protect officers.He said: “Time and time again we see soft and perverse sentences being handed to those who attack and assault police officers. This is unacceptable.”An assault on a police officer is an assault on society and we must show, in the strongest terms that this will not be tolerated.”Police stopped Williams after seeing him pull out of a tight junction “at speed” in Thornton Heath in August 2018, Croydon Crown Court heard.But, as he was being questioned, Williams got back in his dark grey Mercedes and drove off – with a police officer hanging out the car window trying to stop his escape.Williams sped off before reversing and crashing into a police car. He then took off again, despite the efforts of other police officers to stop them and with the original officer – then aged 26 – still hanging out of the window.He eventually had no choice but to let go, and threw himself from Williams’ car.The officer was taken to hospital and treated for a number of severe grazes and a fractured left wrist.Though he has since returned to work he is still suffering the effects of his injuries, according to the Metropolitan Police.Mr Apter added: “Police officers who are victims of assault want to see justice.”They want to feel supported by the wider Criminal Justice system but, sadly, at this time they don’t feel they have that support.”Until they do, officers will continue to feel under-protected and under-valued with criminals laughing in the face of justice.”Williams, of Croydon, south London, was handed an 18 month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, and a two year driving ban after pleading guilty to ABH assault, criminal damage and dangerous driving in July.A compensation order was made for £3,500 to be paid to the officer in the next 12 months.Williams must obey a curfew between the hours of 9pm-6am for the six months, and is to complete 150 hours of community service within the next 12 months – as well ac taking an extended driving exam before he is allowed back on the roads. read more

Atlas Copco updates versatile FlexiROC T15R

first_imgAtlas Copco’s compact and highly versatile FlexiROC T15 R drill rig has recently been updated with new features that make it even more useful in a variety of applications. “It may be small, but Atlas Copco’s four-wheel drive FlexiROC T15 R drill rig has had a big impact since its launch in 2008. Now it’s been updated with a range of improvements that make it more useful and efficient than ever.”Designed for drilling 27-51 mm holes the FlexiROC T15 R is a vital piece of onsite equipment for construction, dimension stone quarrying as well as other demanding tasks such as bolt installations and boulder blasting. New features include an extended feed of 3.66 m (12 ft), a robust foot attachment, a 2.8 Cummins Tier 4 Final engine and a 2.4 Hz Bluetooth Radio Remote Control unit. The rig has a long boom reach of 4,500 mm and the 360 degree roll-over feed system enables holes to be drilled in practically any position. Not only that, it takes just a couple of minutes to re-pin the rig for either horizontal or vertical operation.The control system automatically adjusts impact and feed speed in proportion to rotation torque which means high productivity and smooth drilling even in soft formations. “Equipped with an advanced hydraulic rock drill from the COP 1020 range, excellent tramming capability and support legs it can be used in rough terrain and in locations that are normally difficult to access.” An added bonus is that fuel consumption can be kept to a minimum as the engine’s RPM can be adjusted from the remote control system.last_img read more

The Evening Fix now with added awkward text messages

first_img(Video: Epipheo/YouTube) It’s that time of year: reader James Murray of Stilpix.ie sent us in this gorgeous photo of pink blossoms covering the outside area at a pub on Haddington Road in Dublin. (Got any pics you’d like to send our way? Get in touch: tips@thejournal.ie)This heartbreaking image from the collapse of the garment factory in Bangladesh has been described by Time Magazine as the most haunting photograph taken from the scene. It’s hard to disagree.So this is both awkward and hilarious. Someone has set up this site called Textastrophe on which they publish their text message exchanges with people who have posted their phone number in a public place. Our favourite is the fairly epic exchange with a man who provides Man Caves.THINGS WE SHAREDAs a dyed-in-the-wool Dubliner I’m almost loathe to link to this, but what the hell: The Daily Edge has managed to somehow come up with 11 reasons why Cork might actually be better than Dublin. Clearly all 11 reasons are entirely bogus and the person who wrote the article is going to be fired shortly. South Korean mock victims lie on the floor as part of an annual drill preparing for a bio-chemical attack in Seoul today. More than 8,400 people participated in the drill. (AP Photo/Lee Jin-man)HERE ARE THE things we learned, loved and shared today as we round off the day in three easy steps.THINGS WE LEARNED#APOLOGY: The Midland Regional Hospital in Portlaoise has apologised to the parents of an 8-year-old boy who died just 18 hours after being discharged from its Emergency Department suffering from chicken pox. The HSE confirmed today that a settlement has been made with the family of Richard De Souza, who died from toxic shock after developing a secondary streptococcal infection.#FOUND: Ten years after she disappeared, Ohio kidnap victim Amanda Berry has returned to her family home, as police say they are preparing to charge the men involved in the kidnap of three women. In a brief statement, Amanda Berry’s sister requested privacy and thanked the public for its support over the decade.#DOCTORS: Taoiseach Enda Kenny has promised that the Government is still going to go ahead with plans to bring in free GP care for everyone, despite reports suggesting otherwise. The Department of Health said legislation to bring in the new scheme had proved more complex than anticipated, and that junior minister Alex White is to carry out a full appraisal of the scheme and report back to Cabinet with his findings.#GENDER GAP: Boys are more likely than girls to bunk off school and not do their homework, but still significantly out-perform girls when it comes to maths, according to a major ESRI study into children in Ireland. Boys are also far more likely than girls to say that they dislike school which, the ESRI says, raises concern over boys’ engagement with education.#RENT: A new database will reveal the actual rents being paid for houses and apartments across the country as opposed to the amount of rent being asked for the first time. The ESRI has compiled the database based on information from the Private Residential Tenancies Board.#FERGIE: Rumours abound about who will take over the position of Manchester United manager after Alex Ferguson announced today that he will bring his 27-year reign at Old Trafford to an end on 19 May. THINGS WE LOVEDcenter_img So given that you’re on the internet right now, odds are that you’ve spent at least a few minutes flicking through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia, YouTube or any of the other many, many sites which you probably end up spending time on during the day. This video takes a look at what exactly the internet is doing to our brains, and how our ability to learn, concentrate and remember things is diminished by the way that we use the internet (and before you ask: don’t worry – it’s a short video, so you can get back to browsing afterwards):last_img read more

Australian tourist will sue Greek government

first_imgAn Australian tourist will sue the Greek government after being shot in a terrorist shoot-out. The story was first revealed by Neos Kosmos.A recent report in The Age says Grant Uranie is having ongoing rehabilitation to strengthen his ankle and experiences pain and an occasional limp. The marketing and commerce student at Swinburne University is so far $25,000 out of pocket for medical bills, loss of income from part-time jobs and other costs. His football career as a contracted player for Scoresby in the Eastern Football League is in doubt due to the injury and it was a second income for him. Defteros Lawyers have sent a letter to the Greek government for ‘open information’ about the incident and compensation for Mr Uranie but there has been no response. The law firm has briefed senior counsel to make a final petition to the Greek government and then commence proceedings in the Greek court system.His travel insurance reimbursed the cost of his cancelled Contiki tour and covered the cost of changing his flight. He was not reimbursed for the loss of income from his part-time jobs at Coles and Supercheap Auto while he was recovering.Exclusions in his insurance policy don’t cover ‘a loss that arises directly or indirectly from an act or threat of terrorism’.During the ordeal, he was grateful for the help he received from the Australian embassy in Athens. After arriving home, Mr Uranie was treated at Casey Hospital, where an ultrasound discovered damage to his Achilles tendon. He then underwent an operation at Dandenong Hospital.Approaching the 12-month anniversary of the holiday gone wrong, Mr Uranie still feels on edge. “If I’m in a public area and there’s police around, I do kind of get, I wouldn’t say flashbacks, but a little bit of nervousness and anxiety.” Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Principe de précaution des crèmes adhésives pour appareil dentaire retirées du marché

first_imgPrincipe de précaution : des crèmes adhésives pour appareil dentaire retirées du marché (actualisé)France – Une mesure de précaution concernant certains lots de crème adhésive pour appareil dentaire a été prise par le laboratoire GSK, en concertation avec l’Agence française de sécurité sanitaire des produits de santé (Afssaps). Celle-ci vise à prévenir des risques potentiels pour la santé des utilisateurs.416 cas d’effets indésirables ont été recensés dans le monde depuis 1995, dont un cas déclaré en France. Ce dernier concernait un patient ayant une utilisation excessive du produit : entre 1 et 1,5 tube de 50 g chaque semaine, et ce depuis dix ans. La durée d’utilisation d’un tube de 50 g est normalement de quatre semaines, en appliquant une dose quotidienne sur l’appareil dentaire.L’utilisation excessive et sur le long terme de certains de ces produits peut occasionner des effets non désirables sur la santé dus à un surdosage en zinc. L’excès de zinc au niveau digestif provoque en effet une carence en cuivre qui occasionne des troubles.L’Afssaps indique qu’en cas d’engourdissement, picotement, faiblesse dans les bras ou les jambes, difficultés à marcher ou à conserver son équilibre, ou en cas d’anémie, l’arrêt immédiat de l’utilisation du produit ainsi qu’une consultation médicale sont nécessaires.Le fabricant a donc décidé d’arrêter au niveau mondial la fabrication, la distribution et la commercialisation des produits suivants : Polident Pro Soin Complet, Super Poligrip, Corega Adhérence Maximum, Corega Performance Maximum, Corega Fraîcheur, Corega Adhérence Maximum Fraîcheur.Il indique cependant dans un communiqué que des crèmes adhésives sans zinc sont déjà disponibles : Polident Hypoallergénique, Corega Hypoallergénique, Corega Protection Gencives, Corega Soin, Corega Poudre Super, Corega Poudre Ultra, Maxi Poligrip. De nouvelles versions sans zinc (la mention “sans zinc” apparaîtra clairement sur le nouveau conditionnement) devraient prochainement être mises sur le marché pour plusieurs produits retirés de la vente.Le 19 février 2010 à 13:23 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

I dont feel pressure Klopp

first_imgThe Liverpool manager is being tipped to win the Premier League this season, but right now the current team in first place is Manchester CityBefore the start of the 2018-2019 English Premier League season, Liverpool was tipped as the future champion of the competition.But right now Manchester City is currently at the top and the Reds are behind.And for manager Jurgen Klopp, there’s no rush or pressure.“I don’t feel pressure. That’s how it is,” Klopp told Four Four Two.Daniel Fark, Norwich City, Premier LeagueDaniel Farke, From mid-table in the Championship to the Premier League Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 Norwich City manager, Daniel Farke, has taken his team from the middle of the table in the English Championship to play with the big boys in the Premier League.“I made a decision long ago for myself: I give everything I have. I don’t hold anything back. At this moment, I can’t do better. I am really like I am.”“I expect a lot from myself but there is no pressure. We want to win each game and if we don’t win it then we want to win the next one,” he added.“Any other decisions – how people look at me and what people think about me – I have nothing to do with that because I have no influence on it.”“As long as we win football games, everybody thinks – even if they don’t like me – ‘He’s a good manager’,” he commented.“And when we lose football games, the people who don’t like me and the people who like me say, ‘Maybe he’s not the right manager anymore’. That’s how it is. If you know that before, how can it put pressure on your shoulders? I really don’t understand that.”last_img read more

Carlsbad pastor caught molesting female family member sentenced to 15 years in

first_img VISTA (KUSI) — A Carlsbad pastor whose wife caught him molesting a young female family member was sentenced Tuesday to 15 years in state prison.Matthew John Otis Tague, 44, pleaded guilty in February to two counts of committing a lewd act on a child.Deputy District Attorney Patricia Lavermicocca said Tague repeatedly molested the victim over a two-year period in 2016 and 2017, when she was 12 and 13 years old.Lavermicocca said Tague’s wife caught him in the act late last May and reported him to authorities. Tague — a pastor at North Coast Calvary Chapel on Poinsettia Lane — turned himself in a few days later. Posted: April 10, 2018 Carlsbad pastor caught molesting female family member sentenced to 15 years in state prison KUSI Newsroom Updated: 6:54 PMcenter_img Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter April 10, 2018 KUSI Newsroom, last_img read more

Financial Conduct Authority consults on transaction cost disclosure for workplace pensions

first_imgThe Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has launched a consultation around proposals for standardising the procedure for disclosing transaction costs in workplace pension schemes.Its proposed guidance suggests that asset managers should be subject to the same transaction cost reporting structures as independent governance committees (IGCs) and trustees, ensuring a consistency of approach when publishing and assessing pension scheme transaction costs.Under proposals set out under the consultation, asset managers will also be required to provide a breakdown of costs into identifiable categories, such as taxes or securities tending costs. Transaction costs can include costs surrounding member contributions or members leaving their pension scheme; costs incurred by members switching funds or costs regarding switching activity.To calculate and evaluate costs, the FCA has recommended a slippage approach which compares the actual price of the asset to the value of the asset immediately before the order to transact entered the market.The consultation will close on 4 January 2017.Christopher Woolard, executive director of strategy and competition at the FCA, said: “IGCs are already seeking to make pension schemes work better for their members. The proposals will allow IGCs to see fully the transaction costs that their funds pay and enable them to make better decisions about how they get value for money for their members.”Nathan Long, senior pension analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown, added: “If implemented, these rules will promote transparency within workplace pensions and may ultimately act to reduce some costs from fund management.”Jacqui Reid, associate director at law firm Sackers, said: “Both the FCA and [Department for Work and Pensions] DWP already specifically require trustees and IGCs to assess and report on charges, including where possible, transaction costs. However, without any corresponding duty on managers to disclose the relevant information to trustees and IGCs, most are unable to access such information. It is great to see that the FCA is now taking steps to address this issue and provide some much needed clarity around costs. That is very much a step in the right direction.“However, while it acknowledges the importance of a standardised approach to calculation, the FCA is not proposing a standard format for disclosure. There is a balance to be struck between a form of disclosure that is meaningful enough for useful and direct comparisons across the market, but not difficult to decipher and ineffective and costly for managers to implement.”last_img read more

Operation Pedro Pan immigrants react to Fidel Castros death

first_imgMIAMI (WSVN) – Reaction to Fidel Castro’s death has continued to pour in, including from those who were brought to South Florida in the early 1960s during Operation Pedro Pan.Created by the Catholic Welfare Program, the organization was responsible for the exodus of more than 14,000 Cuban children between 1960 and 1962.In conjunction of the U.S. State Department, Cuban parents were able to send their children to the U.S. with waived visa requirements.Ilena Fuentes, who came to Miami with the Peter Pan Program in 1961, said Castro’s death brings closure.Ilena Fuentes“Not to celebrate the death of another individual, but a sigh of relief at the disappearance of another tyrant,” said Ilena Fuentes, Director of American Museum of the Cuban Diaspora in Miami.Copyright 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img read more

Ready Set Its Time To Skate On Soldotna Creek Parks Ice Path

first_imgCity staff will continue to check ice conditions to ensure it stays safe for those wanting to get out and partake. The Parks Department has been flooding the skating path at Soldotna Creek Park in order to get it ready for individuals to go out and skate.And according to the Parks Department it’s open for skating as of Monday. Crews will continue to hot-mop the path throughout the season. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The Soldotna Parks and Recreation Department has been taking advantage of the recent frozen temperatures and doing what they can to bring some “winter fun” to community members.center_img People are welcome to skate as long as the lights are on. Parks and Recreation reminds people that the paths are available for skating only.last_img read more

5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Monday August 5 2019

first_imgWILMINGTON, MA — Below are 5 things to do in Wilmington on Monday, August 5, 2019:#1) Revere Beach Memories At Wilmington LibraryThe Wilmington Memorial Library (175 Middlesex Avenue) is hosting a talk on the history of Revere Beach at 2:30pm. Don’t miss this trip down memory lane. Revere Beach, established as America’s first public beach in 1896, was a place that created lasting memories for thousands of beach goers. The Revere Beach of old comes alive through photos and stories presented by Bob Upton, a Revere Beach enthusiast and historian. Join us for a night of history and nostalgia. Bring your own photos and stories to share as well. Register HERE.#2) The Ooch: Yo-Yos, Music & Dance At Wilmington LibraryThe Wilmington Memorial Library (175 Middlesex Avenue) is hostingThe Ooch at 6:30pm. Yo-Yos, Music & Dance is a 60-minute show that combines three of Ooch’s favorite activities – yo-yo tricks, cool music and sweet dance moves. The show is half yo-yo tricks and half dance party. During the first part of the show, Ooch performs some of his favorite yo-yo tricks as well as takes requests from the audience. The second part of the show is “dance”. In Ooch’s world “dance” can mean MANY things like follow-along dance (where the audience copies Ooch’s movements to the music OR VICE VERSA), popular line dances such as the Cupid Shuffle, Cotton Eyed Joe, Cha Cha Slide & others, body percussion, Freeze Dance and even Hula Hoops to music . . . all to popular songs requested by the audience. Ages 4+. Register HERE.#3) Little Movers At Wilmington LibraryThe Wilmington Memorial Library (175 Middlesex Avenue) is holding a Little Movers session at 10am. Let’s move! Join us for a morning of singing, dancing, and moving around! Ages 1-2. Register HERE.#4) Learn To Sail Program BeginsAll hands on deck! The Wilmington Recreation Department’s ‘Learn to Sail’ program is returning this summer on the Charles River. Children age 10 – 18 are eligible to register for this class which offers classroom instruction and on-the-water education. New students are required to pass a swim test. The program will take place Monday, August 5, 2019 through Friday, August 9, 2019, from 10:30am to 4pm. The cost of the program is $150. To register, visit www.wilmingtonma.gov/recreation, call 978-658-4270, or stop by the Reference Department in Room 8 of Town Hall. The required registration form can be found HERE.#5) Public Health Museum’s Camp BeginsIs your high schooler interested in a career in medicine, infectious disease, or nursing? The Public Health Museum is inviting students to apply to OUTBREAK! 2019.  This week-long summer program is for Massachusetts high school students entering their junior and senior year as of Fall 2019. For the seventh year in a row, the program will be offered for FREE.The program is scheduled for August 5, 2019 to August 9, 2019 at the Public Health Museum in Tewksbury, Massachusetts.OUTBREAK! 2019 is an interactive, challenging program designed to introduce high school students to the history and importance of public health. Students will learn about epidemiology, investigate a simulated disease outbreak, learn about the wide range of public health careers, and more. Field trips include the State Public Health Laboratory in Jamaica Plain and additional other public health facilities.The Public Health Museum is a non-profit educational and cultural museum that strives to preserve records and artifacts from our nation’s public health history, educate the public about the achievements and contributions of public health, and inspire people to build upon the past and continue to advance the future of public health.Applications are available on line from the Museum’s website or by contacting the museum at 978-851-7321 ext. 2606 or phmuseum@gmail.com.Like Wilmington Apple on Facebook. Follow Wilmington Apple on Twitter. Follow Wilmington Apple on Instagram. Subscribe to Wilmington Apple’s daily email newsletter HERE. Got a comment, question, photo, press release, or news tip? Email wilmingtonapple@gmail.com.Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:Like Loading… RelatedLIBRARY LINEUP: Storytime at Farmers Market on Aug. 4; Revere Beach Memories on Aug. 5In “Community”5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Thursday, August 8, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”5 Things To Do In Wilmington On Monday, July 29, 2019In “5 Things To Do Today”last_img read more

SpiceJet plane stranded on Mumbai runway pulled out after days

first_imgMumbai: The SpiceJet Boeing 737 aircraft, which was stuck between the main runway and grass area after skidding off on arrival at the airport here Monday late night, has been pulled back to the runway Thursday, paving the way for full-fledged operations at the aerodrome, officials said. The country’s second busiest airport has been carrying out flight operations from the secondary runway, which has a capacity to handle only up to 35 aircraft movement per hour as against up to 48 of the main runway. A team of Air India Engineering Services Ltd (AIESL) had been carrying out the aircraft recovery work at the Mumbai airport since Tuesday afternoon. “The disabled SpiceJet aircraft which was stuck in Runway 09/27 RESA has been pulled out on runway surface at 11.10 PM,” a Mumbai International Airport Limited (MIAL) spokesperson said Friday. Also Read – National Herald case: Officer bearers of Congress were cheats, Subramanian Swamy tells court Advertise With Us The Runway End Surface Area (RESA) is an extended area at the end of the runway to limit an aircraft in the eventuality a runway overshoots. The spokesperson, however, did not share other details such as a timeline for resumption of operations from the main runway. A city-bound SpiceJet flight from Jaipur carrying 167 passengers and crew overshot the runway at Mumbai airport Monday night after landing amid heavy rains, blocking it for traffic.last_img read more

Fear isolation for Myanmars remaining Rohingyas

first_imgRohingya-burningBy the twisted standards of Myanmar’s Rakhine state, Abdullah is one of its more fortunate Rohingya residents.The 34-year-old is alive, his village is intact and he is able to make a living-albeit a meagre one-in his homeland as a farmer.Abdullah’s Rohingya Muslim minority are disappearing fast from Myanmar.Some one million of them-around two-thirds of their entire stateless community-have been forced over the border to refugee camps in Bangladesh by successive waves of persecution.The latest has expelled some 700,000 Rohingya since August, when the army launched a campaign of violence that the UN says amounted to “ethnic cleansing”.Abdullah’s village of Shan Taung is near the temple-studded town of Mrauk U, not far from the epicentre of the most recent crackdown in northern Rakhine but partly sheltered from its worst excesses by a range of forested mountains.He is among the 500,000 Rohingya that the UN estimates remain in Myanmar, some confined to camps after previous rounds of violence while others are spared by wealth, luck or-like the villages in Abdullah’s area-simply by isolation from the latest military campaign.Yet their lives are still shaped by tension and fear in a mainly-Buddhist country that has methodically stripped the Muslim minority of legal rights and security.The status of the Rohingya in Rakhine hangs by a thread in the wake of the army crackdown, which has seen Myanmar troops and ethnic Rakhine mobs accused of burning Rohingya villages, and of raping and murdering their residents.Shan Taung, with its 4,500-strong Rohingya population, appears peaceful.Fishermen dry their catch in the sun, farmers bring in the rice paddy and children play at the side of the road.But fear has sharply segregated the Rohingya Muslims and the ethnic Rakhine Buddhists living nearby.The Rohingya say they risk a beating-or worse-if they stray into territory the Rakhine regard as their own, while few trust the police to protect them.It wasn’t always this way, says Abdullah, explaining he once had Rakhine friends and stayed with a Rakhine family while studying at university in the state capital, Sittwe.“They no longer treat me like they used to,” he tells AFP. “They don’t say good things.”Communal relations have disintegrated in recent months around Mrauk U town, where several people died recently after police opened fire on an ethnic Rakhine nationalist protest.“We do not trust each other anymore,” a Rakhine youth told AFP, asking not to be named.“Rakhines are also watching each other to make sure no one from the town is friends with Muslims.”Yearning for citizenship -Around 150,000 Rohingya are thought to still be living in northern Rakhine, spread among disparate villages spared in the violent crackdown.But rights groups say many of those communities are hungry and scared, unable to work freely and hemmed in by hostile neighbours, as the army beefs up its bases around them.Ye Htut, the administrator of Maungdaw, the most populous district in the north, played down strife between the communities that remained.“Muslims still living here don’t say they are afraid,” he told reporters. “Many houses are still left.”Further south, another 130,000 Rohingya fester in internment camps, a grim legacy from rounds of inter-communal violence since 2012.Another 200,000 fare only marginally better, living in their own villages but under restrictions on movement that UN spokesman Pierre Peron says “severely compromise” basic rights and access to health and education.With tensions sky-high, Rohingya are still leaving.On Sunday, a boatload of Rohingya who departed from Sittwe were spotted in Thai waters and “helped on” by the navy towards Malaysia.Rohingya still arrive on foot in Bangladesh seeking sanctuary after fleeing threats and hunger.Others with enough money for bribes can also try to make their way to Myanmar’s commercial capital Yangon, joining tens of thousands of Rohingya who already live discreetly in the country’s major urban centres.Yet even there, existence feels parlous.“People are afraid every step they take,” says Yangon-based Kyaw Soe Aung, Secretary General of the Rohingya-focused Democracy and Human Rights Party.“There is no security and rule of law for Rohingya and Muslims.”Officially the “Rohingya” do not exist in Myanmar and as a result are denied citizenship.Instead they are branded “Bengalis”, reinforcing the narrative that they are illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.Corruption and intimidation -Rohingya seeking citizenship must agree to be classified as “Bengali” in a notorious verification process which denies them constitutional rights as a separate ethnic minority and leaves them vulnerable to expulsion.Critics say the National Verification Card (NVC) they are pressed to sign up for is less a pathway to citizenship than a means of control.From 2010 until the end of 2017, government statistics show only around 7,600 Rohingya signed up and only a couple of hundred have obtained citizenship.Ko Ko, not his real name, is one of the few Rohingya to hold a valid ID card-sporting the term “Bengali”.The 20-year-old says, however, that means he must regularly grease pockets and wait longer when dealing with anybody in any position of authority because he is automatically put at the bottom of the pile.He and a friend collect data about alleged atrocities in Rakhine and also try to counter anti-Rohingya “fake news” with a website that has some 10,000 hits a week.His father worries about his activist work and wants him to seek asylum overseas but Ko Ko refuses.“We have to get back our citizenship,” he says.“I will work for change. I’m doing the right thing.”last_img read more

US Ambassador To Panama Resigns Saying He Cant Serve Trump

first_img Share Arnulfo Franco/APJohn Feeley, soon after his appointment as ambassador to Panama in February 2016. The career diplomat has now announced his resignation.John Feeley, the U.S. ambassador to Panama, is stepping down from his post, citing irreconcilable differences with the Trump administration, Reuters reports.Feeley’s resignation, widely reported on Friday, is not a response to President Trump’s remarks Thursday at a noon meeting about immigration. Sources tell NPR that at that meeting, Trump referred to African nations as “shithole countries” and questioned why the U.S. admits immigrants from Haiti. Trump denies reports about his remarks, which have prompted uproar around the world.However, the ambassador to Panama had tendered his resignation by Thursday morning, before the meeting occurred, a State Department official tells NPR’s Michele Kelemen.Feeley, a career diplomat, informed the White House, the State Department and the Panamanian government “of his decision to retire for personal reasons, as of March 9 of this year,” the State Department says.Steve Goldstein, the undersecretary for diplomacy, told Michele that all ambassadors and other diplomats have the right to be in the job they chose and that it is up to them if they leave for moral reasons, or any other reason.Reuters has more detail on Feeley’s stated explanation of his resignation:“Feeley, one of the department’s Latin America specialists and among its [most senior] officers, made clear that he had come to a place where he no longer felt able to serve under Trump.” ‘As a junior foreign service officer, I signed an oath to serve faithfully the president and his administration in an apolitical fashion, even when I might not agree with certain policies,’ Feeley said, according to an excerpt of a resignation letter read to Reuters on Friday.” ‘My instructors made clear that if I believed I could not do that, I would be honor bound to resign. That time has come.’ “Editor’s note: NPR has decided in this case to spell out the vulgar word that the president reportedly used because it meets our standard for use of offensive language. It is “absolutely integral to the meaning and spirit of the story being told.”Copyright 2018 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.last_img read more